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PlayStation Plus Kicks Off 2014 With DmC And Bioshock Infinite

By Spencer . December 27, 2013 . 1:42am

DmC Devil May Cry and Bioshock Infinite headline a solid selection of PlayStation Plus games available for members in January 2014.

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Steam Summer Sales For Today Include Bioshock Infinite, Skyrim

By Ishaan . July 11, 2013 . 3:30pm

As part of today’s Daily Deals on the Steam Summer Sales, Bioshock Infinite is on sale for $30. Meanwhile, Left 4 Dead 2 costs just $5, and Hotline Miami is on sale for $2.50.

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Injustice: Gods Among Us Leads April Sales In U.S.

By Ishaan . May 16, 2013 . 4:50pm

Total retail videogame sales were down 25% year-over-year in the U.S. in April, the NPD Group reports. Meanwhile, retail software sales were down 17%.

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Bioshock Infinite And Tomb Raider Lead March Sales In The U.S.

By Ishaan . April 18, 2013 . 4:15pm

However, not even two major game launches could prevent a 10% decline in industry sales as compared to March of last year.

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Listen To What Bioshock Infinite Sounds Like In Japanese

By Spencer . April 14, 2013 . 11:50am

What does Kingdom Hearts, Tales of Xillia, and Metal Gear Rising: Revengance have in common? Voice actors for all of those games contributed to the Japanese version of Bioshock Infinite.

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Bioshock Infinite Will Have English And Japanese Voiceovers, But Just For Japan

By Spencer . January 29, 2013 . 1:02am

While Japanese voice acting sounds like it should be a standard, Capcom’s own games like Resident Evil 6 and Dragon’s Dogma only have English voiceovers in Japan.

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Check Out The First Five Minutes Of Bioshock Infinite

By Ishaan . December 19, 2012 . 10:22am

Irrational Games have shared a look at the first five minutes of Bioshock Infinite, with co-founder, Ken Levine, scheduled to hold an “Ask Me Anything” session tomorrow.

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Vote For Bioshock Infinite’s Alternate Cover

By Ishaan . December 12, 2012 . 12:10pm

Irrational Games will be including a reversible cover with Bioshock Infinite, and they’re asking fans to choose what it should be.

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Bioshock Infinite’s “1999 Mode” Is For Old School Gamers

By Ishaan . January 19, 2012 . 10:00am

Bioshock Infinite’s 1999 Mode will feature difficulty tweaks that won’t be present in the game’s regular mode.

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A Bioshock Game Will Electrocute The Vita, First Bioshock Free With Infinite On PS3

By Ishaan . June 6, 2011 . 6:19pm

Ken Levine, creative director of Irrational Games, announced that a new Bioshock game is in development for Sony’s upcoming NGP platform.