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PS Plus Japan: Akiba’s Beat, Garou, Sengoku Basara 4, And More Freebies For December 2017

By Sato . December 7, 2017 . 4:00am

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia updated its official blog with the full list of free play titles PS Plus subscribers will get in Japan. December features Akiba’s Beat, Garou, Sengoku Basara 4, and more.

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Bioshock Coming To iOS Devices This Summer

By Ishaan . August 4, 2014 . 6:33am

The original Bioshock is being ported to iOS devices, 2K Games announced today.

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Ken Levine Wanted To Make A Final Fantasy Tactics Style Bioshock Game For Vita

By Ishaan . July 7, 2014 . 7:01pm

Ken Levine on the Bioshock game for Vita that never happened.

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What Do The Onechanbara And Bioshock 2 Have In Common?

By Spencer . November 25, 2009 . 7:40am

Both games are published by the same company in Japan.

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Big Daddy Damaged in Fight with Megatron: Reinforcements Arrive

By Andrew . January 17, 2008 . 9:18pm

So Big Daddy was walking around on the kitchen table scoping out a giant container of ADAM for his Little Sister when all of a sudden Generation 2 Megatron popped out and said, "STFU! That's my energon, jerk!"  So he blasted Big Daddy, causing him to fall and break his drill.  Big Daddy writhed in […]

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Spoiler Friday: Bioshock

By Louise . August 31, 2007 . 3:40pm

Sadly, Irrational's (oops, I meant 2K Boston) latest FPS and contender for GOTY has to come to an end sometime. Players start off controlling an unnamed protagonist who somehow survived a plane crash.  A lone lighthouse nearby leads the way down to a strange submarine like contraption.  Boarding the submarine, players find themselves entering the […]

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Listen: Moby meets BioShock

By Spencer . August 17, 2007 . 6:45pm

Earlier today I got an e-mail with a link to a remixed song done by Moby called “Wilde Little Sisters”. The song is part of a three track CD that comes with the limited edition version of BioShock. If you don’t want to invest the cash into a limited edition package the CD is a […]

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BioShock demo up in the Xbox Live Marketplace

By Spencer . August 12, 2007 . 7:16pm

BioShock hype is in full swing this week with a public demo on the Xbox Live marketplace. The 1.3GB demo is up in every region, except Japan. After I clear up my meager 20GB hard drive I'm going to download it and check it out. Dan over from theBBPS keeps hyping the game up for […]

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