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Black Desert Online Developer Partners With Bravely Default Makers Silicon Studio

By Sato . November 15, 2016 . 5:00am

Black Desert Online developer Pearl Abyss announced to day that they’ve signed a formal agreement of partnership for bilateral technical cooperation with Bravely Default makers Silicon Studio.

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Valencia Will Take Players To The Deserts Of Black Desert June 1

By Joel . May 20, 2016 . 2:30pm

Valenica Part One will expose players to the elements, forcing them to face extreme heat and cold of the desert of Black Desert.

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Two New Classes Coming To Black Desert Next Week

By Joel . April 12, 2016 . 2:30pm

Musa and Maehwa classes to bring their AoE and single target abilities to Black Desert on April 20.

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Over 1000 Quests Await In Black Desert Online’s Free Mediah Expansion

By Joel . March 31, 2016 . 5:30pm

The Mediah expansion adds new lands, new equipment, new enemies, and greater enchantments.

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Black Desert Launch Contests And Activities Revealed

By Chris . February 25, 2016 . 3:00pm

You’ll be able to win prizes by entering one of Black Desert’s contests during its launch period.

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Chocolate Rain Singer Voices Black Desert’s Opening Cinematic

By Chris . February 18, 2016 . 5:30pm

The YouTuber lends his deep voice to Black Desert’s opening cinematic.

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Black Desert’s Tamer Class Unleashes Goes Beast Mode In New Trailer

By Chris . February 16, 2016 . 4:30pm

The Tamer class shows off her new Awakening weapon, the Sky Rod.

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Name Reservations For Black Desert Open To Pre-Order Holders

By Chris . February 10, 2016 . 2:30pm

If you pre-ordered Black Desert you can now reserve your name ahead of the game’s launch on March 3rd.

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Black Desert Launches On March 3rd, Pre-Orders Open Until February 26th

By Chris . February 2, 2016 . 3:00pm

Daum Games Europe has announced that Black Desert will be launching in North America and Europe on March 3rd.

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Daum Games Asks What Type Of Servers Black Desert Should Have

By Chris . February 1, 2016 . 5:30pm

Multiple, mega, or dynamic?

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Black Desert’s Second Beta Starts February 18th, Standalone Character Creator Released

By Chris . January 19, 2016 . 4:30pm

Black Desert’s second closed beta test for the west starts on February 18th. The character creator has also seen a standalone release.

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Black Desert’s Ranger Class Shows Off Her New Elemental Sword

By Chris . January 14, 2016 . 4:30pm

The Awakening weapon for Black Desert’s ranger class has been revealed as an Elemental Sword in a new video.

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Energy Potions Won’t Be On Sale In Black Desert’s Cash Shop

By Chris . January 8, 2016 . 3:00pm

It’s been confirmed that Energy Potions won’t be available in the Cash Shop due to player feedback.

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Black Desert’s Berserker Class Gets Ridiculous With His New Cannon Fist

By Chris . December 17, 2015 . 5:30pm

The Berserker gets a cannon fist to deal ludicrous amounts of damage.

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Black Desert’s First Beta Test Starts December 16th, Adds Tamer Class

By Chris . November 28, 2015 . 11:30am

The Calpheon region, the Tamer class, and a bunch of improvements will be available in this beta test.