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Square Enix’s Vampire Hunting Game, Bloodmasque, Reaches 500,000 Downloads

By Spencer . December 9, 2013 . 11:37pm

The game which transforms players into a Vampire Hunter after taking a photo was released on July 25. At it’s high, Bloodmasque costs $6.99, but you can get it for free until December 16.

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Square Enix Hires Former Kamen Rider To Promote Vampire Hunting RPG

By Spencer . August 15, 2013 . 11:46pm

The main selling point of Bloodmasque, one of Square Enix’s smartphone RPGs, is pretty straightforward. You’re a vampire hunter, as in you take a photo and the game plasters that on a character model.

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Square Enix RPG Bloodmasque Out Today; Dragon Quest IX Producer Involved

By Ishaan . July 25, 2013 . 10:00am

Square Enix’s latest RPG, Bloodmasque, is out on iOS devices today, and has you fighting against a vampire-controlled society in 19th century Paris.

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Here’s Bloodmasque, Square Enix’s Vampire Hunting Game For iOS Platforms

By Ishaan . June 12, 2013 . 12:10pm

In Bloodmasque, you take on the role of a vampire hunter in a late 19th-century Paris, where vampires rule the city.

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Is Bloodmasque The Name Of Square Enix’s Unreal Action RPG?

By Spencer . January 31, 2013 . 2:30pm

Back in 2011, Square Enix was hiring new staff for an action RPG designed with the Unreal Engine. Artwork for the unnamed game showed a masked person with a white owl standing in front of… something that looks like Dracula’s castle.

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