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Gotham By Gaslight Video Shows Canceled Elseworlds Batman Game

By Spencer . February 27, 2012 . 12:37pm

Prototype video reveals what Day 1 Studio’s steampunk Batman game would have been like.

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Starcraft Ghost Concept Art Reveals Stealth Specter And Protoss Shadow Husk

By Spencer . August 8, 2011 . 2:30pm

One of the game’s artists shared concept art for a Shadow Husk, which looks similar to a Templar. There’s also a Ghost-like Stealth Spectre and a Brain Spectre, a Zerg unit that sort of looks like Krang.

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This Speedy Gonzales Game Never Made It Past Concept Art

By Spencer . July 8, 2011 . 5:16pm

Also see pitches for a Sega game and a Microsoft, perhaps Fable, title.

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Yumi’s Odd Odyssey Not Swimming To North American Shores

By Spencer . June 19, 2009 . 2:28pm

At E3 2008 Natsume announced they were publishing a localized version of Umihara Kawase Portable under the name Yumi’s Odd Odyssey. In the game you control Yumi, a girl equipped with an elastic fishing line used for Bionic Commando style swinging.

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Microsoft’s Forgotten Online Fishing Game Lured From The Depths

By Spencer . April 20, 2009 . 4:06pm

Tonight Microsoft will hold a press conference in Japan announcing upcoming games. While we’re waiting to hear about the future of the Xbox 360 let’s take a look at their abandoned past.   Along with True Fantasy Online Live Microsoft developed and canceled another Japanese developed online game. Fishing Live Online was a multiplayer fishing […]

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