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Resident Evil Gets Collaboration Attire From Gothic Fashion Brand Sixh.

By Sato . September 7, 2015 . 8:30am

Japanese gothic and visual kei apparel brand are teaming up with the Resident Evil series for some collaboration items.

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September Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC Includes Pep Squad Palico Suit

By Jenni . September 4, 2015 . 12:30pm

The latest round of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC has been released today and gives people a Green Pal Palico, Pep Squad Palico armor, and an array of additional content.

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Capcom’s Tokyo Game Show 2015 Lineup Has Monster Hunter, Street Fighter V, And More

By Sato . August 19, 2015 . 6:34am

Capcom just announced their Tokyo Game Show 2015 lineup, where we’ll get to see titles like Monster Hunter Stories, Street Fighter V, Resident Evil 0, and more.

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The Resident Evil 2 Remake Project Has Been Officially Approved

By Sato . August 12, 2015 . 8:36am

Capcom recently asked fans how they’d feel about a Resident Evil 2 remake, and it didn’t take long for them to officially announce the remake project.

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Resident Evil Series Is Getting Its First Stage Play This October In Japan

By Sato . August 11, 2015 . 3:00pm

Capcom announced that their Resident Evil series is getting its first stage play this October in Japan, featuring characters like Chris, Rebecca, and Piers.

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Mega Man Legacy Collection Gets Digital, Physical Releases

By Jenni . August 5, 2015 . 11:30am

The Mega Man Legacy Collection will be available digitally in August and physically in 2016.

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Vega Brings The Claw To Street Fighter V

By Jenni . August 3, 2015 . 8:30am

See how Vega looks in his Street Fighter V debut.

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Capcom Filed A Trademark For Sengoku Basara: Legend of Sanada Yukimura

By Sato . July 31, 2015 . 12:22am

Capcom have filed a trademark for Sengoku Basara: Legend of Sanada Yukimura, which may coincide with an upcoming 2016 drama based on the Sengoku general.

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Capcom Asks Fans How They Feel About A Resident Evil 2 Remake

By Spencer . July 29, 2015 . 11:52pm

“As the team owns the RE brand, we’re not certain how we feel about this approach, and would like to ask your honest and frank opinion about the “Resident Evil 2 Remake” and what the brand identity is supposed to be about,” wrote Capcom R&D Division 1.

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Monster Hunter Is Getting A Smooth Jazz Soundtrack Arrangement

By Sato . June 26, 2015 . 1:30am

The Monster Hunter Jazz album will feature various musicians from the United States, as part of a “moody” arranged jazz album for the hunting series, and they say that it will have a bit of a different adult charm to it

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Capcom Is Developing A New Engine For Its Own Project Morpheus Games

By Chris . June 16, 2015 . 5:13pm

Capcom is showing off a tech demo at E3 of its new in-development engine made for Project Morpheus games.

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Monster Hunter X Expected To Sell 2.5 Million Units

By Ishaan . June 9, 2015 . 3:31pm

Capcom hope to sell 2.5 million units of Monster Hunter X by March 31st, 2016.

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Devil May Cry Series Gets A Heavy Metal Soundtrack Arrangement

By Sato . May 27, 2015 . 1:50am

Capcom announced that they’re working on a new soundtrack collection for the Devil May Cry series, as “Devil May Cry HR/HM Arrange,” an upcoming album featuring songs from Devil May Cry to Devil May Cry 4 in hard rock and heavy metal fashion.

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Resident Evil 5 And Resident Evil 6 Are Still Pulling Their Weight

By Ishaan . May 12, 2015 . 11:33am

Total worldwide shipments of Resident Evil 5 are at 6.8 million units.

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Monster Hunter Stories And Street Fighter V Are Capcom’s Big Bets For The Next Year

By Ishaan . May 8, 2015 . 9:29am

Capcom predicting 2.5 million for Monster Hunter Stories.