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A Visual Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth Comparison

By Spencer . October 21, 2009 . 4:55pm

On Tuesday, Konami will release Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth on WiiWare, which is also the twentieth anniversary of the Game Boy game its based on.

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Frontier Aja Whips Up Doujin Style Castlevania

By Spencer . August 13, 2009 . 1:32pm

Speaking of being inspired, indie developer Frontier Aja looked at Castlevania while developing Koumajou Densetsu: Scarlet Symphony, an upcoming PC title scheduled to debut this weekend at Comiket 76.

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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Screens Are Surprisingly Bright

By Spencer . June 4, 2009 . 6:50am

Konami officially announced Lords of Shadow is now Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and Metal Gear Solid director Hideo Kojima is assisting its development.

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Dracula Curses WiiWare With Faux Pachinko

By Spencer . January 12, 2009 . 6:46am

Planet Pachinko sounds like a pachinko simulator, but it’s far from it. Allied Kingdoms’ WiiWare game is a fast paced shooter inside a pachinko machine and it looks sort of neat. Co-op play and a slime gun makes me curious enough to risk 500 Wii Points ($5) on it.   However, the Virtual Console also […]

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Could An Ultraviolent Animated Castlevania Film Come To Theaters?

By Spencer . December 22, 2008 . 1:39pm

Hearing the news about the Castlevania movie being in a standstill sparked my memory about another Castlevania movie. The film I’m thinking of is based on Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse and it’s animated. Originally, it was supposed to be a direct DVD release, but a few months ago the production blog claimed the project was […]

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Konami Working On Next-Gen Castlevania

By Spencer . October 9, 2008 . 3:10pm

A representative from Konami revealed they have a third Castlevania game in development. The only information I could ascertain is it exists and it’s in development for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. I wonder if it will visually look like their Castlevania arcade game…   Whatever this is, it probably won’t be a clone […]

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Konami’s TGS Lineup: The Only Surprise Is Seeing Metal Gear Solid 4 Again

By Spencer . September 30, 2008 . 9:36am

Yawn. Don’t expect to see anything new from Konami’s Tokyo Game Show booth. They aren’t even teasing us with an unannounced PlayStation 3 game. You’ll have to go to Sony’s booth to see that. Konami’s announced TGS offerings consist of nine games and three of them will be out by the time show starts. I’m […]

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Castlevania The Arcade: Crackin’ the LED Whip

By Spencer . September 29, 2008 . 1:45pm

Fortune brought me to the unreleased Castlevania arcade game. And while playing the game someone else was able to snap a few camera phone quality pictures from the inside so you can see more than a lovely cabinet. When you start Castlevania: The Arcade you get to pick one of two characters: a generic Vampire […]

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Castlevania Judgment Shakes Up Nintendo Power Party

By Kurt . September 17, 2008 . 11:41am

The Castlevania Judgment demo featured three playable characters – Simon, Maria and Alucard – and showed off a handful of the stages. There are a couple of neat touches, especially the classic music – the “Dracula’s Castle” theme from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night has finally been remixed, along with the usual classic themes like […]

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Dracula is here to suck your medals

By Spencer . September 4, 2008 . 3:47am

Somebody call the Belmont family! Dracula is back in Castlevania THE MEDAL, a five reel/three row Castlevania themed medal dispensing arcade game. Castelvania THE MEDAL is gambling simulator where players can win tokens by lining up the same symbols. Match wild cards to enter boss rush mode which is played by… matching more symbols. Slot […]

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Castlevania Judgment takes a bite out of Nintendo Wi-Fi

By Spencer . July 1, 2008 . 11:41am

We mentioned Castlevania Judgment first, but never expected it to be a fighting game for the Wii. In Castlevania Judgment players use the Wii remote to slash and more likely whip their way to victory this fall. The stages will be populated with other elements such as monsters, traps set by other vampire hunters, and […]

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Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia in motion

By Spencer . May 30, 2008 . 10:27am

Even though there is a female main character in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, the project looks just like the other two Castlevania titles on the DS. This isn’t exactly a bad thing since Konami has a solid blend of backtracking and vampire hunting. As always Dracula’s mansion isn’t filled with minor vampires. There are zombies, […]

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Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia confirmed for fall

By Spencer . May 15, 2008 . 7:42pm

I suppose this announcement shouldn’t be a surprise since we broke the Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia news last month after I discovered a trademark for the title. However, now we have more details about the game since it isn’t a port of Castlevania: Order of Shadows. The third Nintendo DS Castlevania game has a heroine, […]

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Place judgment on another Castlevania trademark

By Spencer . April 21, 2008 . 9:52am

It seems like ages ago I unearthed Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia on the US Patent and Trademark database and that probably won’t be the only vampire hunting game from Konami. They also registered Castlevania Judgment for “video game software, video game programs, computer game software” use. In simpler terms this is a game, another Castlevania […]

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Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia gathers on the DS

By Spencer . April 14, 2008 . 12:31pm

Last week I did some searching on the USPTO database and discovered Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. I honestly didn’t know what system it would be for, but being a new Castlevania game it was worth alerting the Siliconera readership. The ESRB clears the system mystery as it is revealed to be a Nintendo DS title. […]