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Chrono Trigger Triggered For Arrival On Virtual Console In Europe

By Ishaan . April 12, 2011 . 2:33pm

Nintendo of Europe have confirmed the game’s Virtual Console release.

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Chrono Trigger Warps To Mobile Phones This Month

By Spencer . April 11, 2011 . 1:41am

After much silence about Chrono Trigger’s mobile phone debut, Square Enix set a date for the port. I-mode enabled devices will be able to download Chrono Trigger on April 25.

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Chrono Trigger Time Warps To Virtual Console Next Month

By Spencer . March 25, 2011 . 3:03am

Japan has a tiny Virtual Console release schedule for April, but it has two Super Nintendo favorites on it. Chrono Trigger, Squaresoft’s time-twisting RPG, is one of them.

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Soon Japan Will Be Able To Play Chrono Trigger On A Cell Phone

By Spencer . December 17, 2010 . 7:01pm

Square Enix is scaling Chrono Trigger down for cell phones. Japan gets the time-traveling RPG this spring, but it isn’t clear what (if any) changes are going to be made.

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Chrono Trigger Song Gets A Christmas-y Remix

By Spencer . October 24, 2010 . 3:50pm

Forget the fruitcake, nothing says the holidays like… Chocobos and Chrono Trigger?

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Obsidian Would Like To Work On Chrono Trigger

By Spencer . July 6, 2010 . 2:21am

Obsidian and Square Enix were in talks for quite sometime before they picked up Dungeon Siege 3. If they didn’t get Dungeon Siege, the development team would have been happy with Chrono Trigger.

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Chrono Trigger Formation Arts Are Timeless Classics

By Spencer . April 7, 2010 . 5:31pm

Maybe I should say will be timeless classics since these figures aren’t out yet.

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Chrono Trigger: A Third Trip Through Time

By Spencer . December 2, 2008 . 1:57am

When it comes to Chrono Trigger gamers usually fall into one of three groups: they cherish it, wish they played it, or have no interest in RPGs whatsoever. Unlike other RPGs Chrono Trigger isn’t bogged down with a heavy story rife with political intrigue and war. The plot in Chrono Trigger is light. Crono, the […]

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Siliconera Speaks Up: Square Enix Remakes

By Louise . November 30, 2008 . 9:14am

This week, Chrono Trigger DS has been added to the growing list of SNES and NES rpgs Square Enix is re-releasing or porting. How do you feel about this? Do you think that Square Enix should work on some new IPs, or is what they’re doing sufficient for you?   Jenni: While it is nice […]

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Chrono Trigger DS’ New Ending + New Boss Spoiled

By Spencer . November 24, 2008 . 8:02am

Remember how Square Enix added a new ending to Chrono Trigger DS? Well, here it is in English a day before the game comes out in North America thanks to a reader tip from Ryan. Do not watch this video if you were planning on picking up Chrono Trigger and want to discover it yourself. […]

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This Is The Right Way To Advertise Chrono Trigger For The DS

By Spencer . November 12, 2008 . 6:02am

Square Enix could have flashed a bunch of Chrono Trigger anime clips spliced with some gameplay footage for a TV commercial and Chrono Trigger would have sold just fine. Actually, Square Enix could do next to nothing and Chrono Trigger should do OK because it’s Chrono Trigger. However, Square Enix’s advertising department didn’t lazily slap […]

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New Ending Created For Chrono Trigger DS

By Spencer . November 10, 2008 . 1:42am

Alternate closures in Chrono Trigger ranged vastly from a cat filled parade in Crono’s honor to everyone turning into reptites. In addition to new dungeons and a monster arena, there is a brand new ending to find in the DS version of Chrono Trigger. Details about the ending have obviously not been announced aside from […]

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How To Evolve Your Baby Monster In Chrono Trigger

By Spencer . October 27, 2008 . 9:09am

When you start out in Chrono Trigger’s Arena of the Ages you get a puny elemental smidge, but it can grow up and become… a robot? The monster you end up with depends on the time period you train it in. The flow chart shows a Water Smidge trained in the future becomes Version 2.0. […]

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Videos Of Chrono Trigger’s New Dungeons, Now With Much More English

By Spencer . October 24, 2008 . 9:50am

Square Enix dumped videos of Chrono Triggers new features: The Arena of Ages, The Dimensional Vortex, and The Lost Sanctum aka the Dragon Sanctuary if you’ve been the Japanese content. Volcynika, possibly a Siliconera commenter by the same name (hi?), uploaded all these clips on to YouTube so watch Crono befriend Reptites and hear Square […]

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More On Chrono Trigger’s Monster Arena

By Spencer . October 16, 2008 . 10:35am

Chrono Trigger isn’t turning into Chronomon. You aren’t going to wander through time trapping monsters for the monster arena feature introduced in the DS release. The four Nu-like creatures pictured on the top left are smidges, baby monsters assigned to one of the four elements in the world of Chrono Trigger. The stable master in […]

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