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Behind The Art Of Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

By Ishaan . October 14, 2010 . 11:33am

Cing and Nintendo demonstrate how the animation for Hotel Dusk: Room 215 and Last Window: The Secret of Cape West was created.

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Last Window: The Secret Of Cape West Ready For Importin’

By Spencer . September 6, 2010 . 4:22pm

Europe is getting an English version and Play-Asia sent us an e-mail saying they’re stocking it.

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Last Window: The Secret Of Cape West Heading To Europe

By Spencer . July 14, 2010 . 9:32am

Nintendo is utilizing their Last Window trademark and localizing the sequel to Hotel Dusk: Room 215 as Last Window: The Secret of Cape West… for Europe.

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Again: Unlocking Clues In The Past And Present

By Laura . April 25, 2010 . 7:30pm

It’s different enough that it’ll be a new experience that’s worth playing, although, almost all other aspects of the game feel like they’ve already been outdone by Cing’s previous efforts.

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Cing File For Bankruptcy

By Ishaan . March 7, 2010 . 4:11pm

Cing, the developers of Hotel Dusk and co-developer of Little King’s Story, file for bankruptcy following liabilities of 256 million yen.

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Eyes On Again: Eye of Providence

By Spencer . March 2, 2010 . 2:06pm

Hotel Dusk developer Cing and Tecmo are developing crime mystery game for the Nintendo DS. In Again: Eye of Providence you guide Jonathan Weaver who sees the past and present simultaneously.

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Looks Like Last Window Is Being Localized

By Spencer . February 26, 2010 . 2:48am

It wasn’t announced at Nintendo’s Media Summit, but it appears Nintendo has plans to release Last Window, a direct sequel to Hotel Dusk, overseas.

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Last Window: Midnight Promise: Opening Kyle’s Second Case

By Laura . February 2, 2010 . 5:28pm

The year is 1980. Setting, Los Angeles. It is dark, and a man steps out of the wagon stopped in front of Cape West Apartments.

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A Little Insight Into Little King’s Story’s Development

By Ishaan . January 10, 2010 . 10:08am

Did you know Little King’s Story had a multiplayer feature that had to be scrapped from the final build of the game?

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Open A Last Window: Midnight Promise Video

By Spencer . December 31, 2009 . 1:05pm

Nintendo released a trailer for Last Window: Midnight Promise which shows new puzzles and the game’s story mode.

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Did You Wish For Last Window Screenshots?

By Spencer . December 21, 2009 . 10:02am

Because we have ‘em. These screens of the Hotel Dusk: Room 215 sequel show puzzles and Kyle interrogating Steve.

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A Monster Rancher Refresher

By Spencer . December 18, 2009 . 1:48pm

The last Monster Rancher game came out three years ago. You may have forgotten what a Suezo is. Maybe you don’t know what a Suezo is.

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The Last Window Is A Sequel To Hotel Dusk

By Ishaan . November 12, 2009 . 7:20am

The full title is Last Window: Mayonaka no Yakusoku (Last Window: Midnight Promise) and is developed, as you’d expect, by Cing.

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Again And Monster Rancher DS, Two Cing Games From Tecmo Coming Next Year

By Spencer . November 10, 2009 . 5:02pm

In Again: Eye of Providence you play as Jonathan Weaver, a FBI agent with the power to see in the past.

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Again: Eye of Providence Appearing At Tokyo Game Show Again

By Spencer . September 21, 2009 . 3:33pm

Like Hotel Dusk? Then Again: Eye of Providence should be up your alley. It’s also a murder mystery game made by Cing.

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