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Class of Heroes 2: A Call To Arms For Hardened Adventurers

By Jenni . June 29, 2013 . 5:00pm

Class of Heroes 2 begins at Crostini Academy. The player joins a fresh batch of students that is hoping to study and become adventurers.

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Class Of Heroes 2 Arrives On PSN On June 4th

By Spencer . May 21, 2013 . 1:50pm

Class of Heroes 2 is a first person dungeon crawler similar to Wizardry… if it took place in a high school.

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Class Of Heroes 2 UMD And Digital Code Edition Pre-Order Open, 40% Already Sold

By Spencer . April 30, 2013 . 1:10am

The Class of Heroes 2 physical + digital edition costs $36.99 shipping included in the US. Purchasers will get codes their code Class of Heroes 2 via e-mail when the game is available on PlayStation Network.

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Class Of Heroes 2 Is Still Coming Out, But It Won’t Launch With Its Animated Opening

By Spencer . April 22, 2013 . 10:49pm

Sticking with Working Designs tradition, Gaijinworks recorded a new song with the game’s opening animation. The problem is that song created a licensing issue that still hasn’t been resolved.

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Class Of Heroes 2 Will Be In Session On March 26, Retail Version Slated For April

By Spencer . March 13, 2013 . 10:25pm

Gaijinworks and MonkeyPaw have finished localizing Class of Heroes 2. The PSP dungeon crawler which is essentially a cuter version of Wizardry set in a high school will be available on March 26.

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Would You Buy A Boxed Copy Of Class Of Heroes 2 For $34.99?

By Spencer . February 6, 2013 . 10:06pm

The boxed version will include the game on UMD, a color manual, and a digital download code so you can play Class of Heroes 2 on Vita for $34.99.

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Schwaang!! Here Are Some English Class of Heroes 2 Screenshots

By Spencer . December 28, 2012 . 2:30pm

“Don’t fret. Class of Heroes 2 is still coming,” Gaijinworks president Victor Ireland tweeted. “We just slowed it down a bit to polish some bits and add a proper credits sequence.”

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Class Of Heroes II Dungeon Crawls On To PSN This Fall

By Spencer . May 31, 2012 . 9:30am

While the Kickstarter initiative for a deluxe edition and enhanced localization failed, MonkeyPaw and Gaijinworks are still bringing Class of Heroes II to North America. The English version is slated for release this fall as a PSP/Vita compatible digital download.

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Reflections On The Class Of Heroes II Campaign With Gaijinworks And MonkeyPaw

By Spencer . May 25, 2012 . 5:33pm

“There’s definitely a smaller active JRPG fanbase now than when Working Designs was around, but I’d like to think that was due to a combination of that fanbase aging,” says Ireland.

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Here’s What You’ll Get If The Class Of Heroes 2 Deluxe Pack Happens

By Spencer . April 14, 2012 . 10:55am

The $59 package will include a UMD, soundtrack CD, character standees, soft faux-leather embossed manual & art book in an embossed box and three other items voted by Kickstarter backers.

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Why MonkeyPaw And Gaijinworks Picked Class Of Heroes 2 As JRPG’s Love Letter

By Spencer . March 28, 2012 . 11:44am

“The original game didn’t get this treatment and didn’t have much marketing support as well. Victor Ireland has an excellent track record on localizations as fans of Lunar, Growlanser, Alundra, and Arc the Lad, will attest.”

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Class Of Heroes 2 Picked Up By MonkeyPaw, Needs $500,000 For Deluxe Physical Release

By Spencer . March 27, 2012 . 4:03pm

Atlus brought the cutesy take on Wizardry overseas and now MonkeyPaw plans on localizing the 2009 PSP sequel Class of Heroes 2 and the 2010 PS3 port Class of Heroes 2G.

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Any Publisher Want To Give Class of Heroes 2 A Scholarship?

By Spencer . March 26, 2010 . 7:14am

Because developer Acquire is looking for a Western company to sponsor their high school sim meets dungeon crawler.

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Can You Guess Class of Heroes 2’s New Classes?

By Spencer . June 25, 2009 . 10:00am

Zero Div is putting the finishing touches on Class of Heroes 2 and its nineteen jobs. If you had your heart on dungeon crawling as a pop idol this game is for you.

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Class of Heroes 2 Has Item Trading, Puppeteers

By Spencer . May 26, 2009 . 12:20pm

Shortly after Class of Heroes schools North America in classic dungeon crawling Class of Heroes 2 will come out in Japan. The sequel has ten races and 19 majors — five more than the first game.

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