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Rocket Knight Returns To Consoles Next Week

By Spencer . May 5, 2010 . 10:36am

After a fifteen years, Sparkster, the opossum with a rocket pack, returns to consoles and the Kingdom of Zephyrus.

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Rocket Knight Art Shows Axel Gear’s Rise To Power

By Spencer . February 8, 2010 . 1:36pm

Sparkster, the hero from Rocket Knight Adventures, left the Kingdom of Zephyrus fifteen years ago. Axel Gear, Sparkster’s rival, filled his shoes and partnered with a curly tailed ally.

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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Thaws In December

By Spencer . November 11, 2009 . 3:50pm

Retailers shuffled Silent Hill: Shattered Memories out of November, but Konami’s re-imagining of Silent Hill is still coming out soon. Real soon.

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Our Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Interview Delves Into The Game’s Psyche

By Spencer . October 30, 2009 . 8:41pm

Happy (almost) Halloween! Want to know more about Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and its ambitious psych system that “watches” players?

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Shattered Memories Is A Re-Imagining Of Silent Hill And The Survival Horror Genre

By Spencer . October 28, 2009 . 7:12pm

When I asked Tomm Hulett, Producer of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, what his goals were when designing the game he had loftier aspirations that went beyond re-imagining Silent Hill.

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Rocket Knight Revived

By Spencer . October 5, 2009 . 2:03pm

Sparkster, following in the footsteps of other forgotten mascots, is coming back in a downloadable 2.5D platformer game.

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Silent Hill Remake Haunts Wii, PS2, PSP

By Spencer . April 6, 2009 . 11:25am

The story in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is the same as the first Silent Hill game, but Konami promises this won’t be the same game. There are new paths to find, characters say different things, appear in other places, and if you get the Wii version the remote becomes a flashlight.   Point it to […]

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Steal Princess Ready To Rob Free Time In March

By Spencer . January 15, 2009 . 7:34pm

You probably already know Atlus picked up Steal Princess thanks to an ESRB leak, but when is it going to come out? March 24 the same month as Hammerin’ Hero, the Dark Spire, TrackMania DS, Tokyo Beat Down. Wow, Atlus has a lot of games coming out in March.   Steal Princess is the choice […]

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Atlus Publishing Steal Princess In North America

By Spencer . December 1, 2008 . 7:30am

Marvelous is co-publishing most of their games with XSEED, but Atlus still seems to be taking care of some Marvelous titles. On top of Luminous Arc 2 Atlus picked up Steal Princess, Climax’s spiritual successor to Landstalker. Not entirely unsurprising news since an English version was already announced for Europe, but it’s good to have […]

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Valhalla Knights: Elder Saga And Steal Princess Picked Up By Rising Star

By Spencer . October 14, 2008 . 5:20am

Rising Star Games, Marvelous’ European arm, is doing what they do best which is localize games published by Marvelous for Europe. The niche puzzle/platformer Steal Princess will get an English release in Europe. Climax’s game gets off to a slow start with a long introduction and over a dozen tutorial levels. Hmm… I wonder if […]

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Climax unlocks developer created Steal Princess levels

By Spencer . August 14, 2008 . 8:49am

A number of user created Steal Princess levels are available over Nintendo Wi-Fi and a few bonus levels created by Climax can be accessed if you have the right passwords. In case you didn’t spot them on the official site here are the four passwords revealed so far.   Furahe Mountains: 0102-3864-7530 Land of Escali: […]

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Climax whips up a solid game in Steal Princess

By Spencer . August 7, 2008 . 11:01pm

Landstalker may be no more, but Climax Entertainment is back with Steal Princess. The Nintendo DS game shares a similar isometric perspective as Landstalker, but Steal Princess is not Princesstalker. Steal Princess is more like a series of quick puzzles set in one room at a time where the goal is to find a key […]

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R.I.P. Landstalker PSP remake

By Spencer . August 7, 2008 . 9:48am

Insert Credit points out Climax cut the link and removed a wallpaper image from 2006 teasing about a remake of Landstalker. Climax hasn’t said anything about the PSP remake of Landstalker for years so it’s hardly surprising that it may have been quietly scrapped. At some time this was actually in development. Brandon has an […]

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Steal or share maps with Steal Princess

By Spencer . June 17, 2008 . 2:37pm

Climax is back in the game with their Landstalker inspired Steal Princess. Marvelous revealed Steal Princess utilized Nintendo Wi-Fi when the game was announced, but no other details were revealed. I was hoping the online connectivity would be used for level sharing and that’s exactly what will be in the final game. The preview video […]

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Steal Princess sneaks into stores this July

By Spencer . April 11, 2008 . 12:15pm

Remember Shining Force? Those were the golden days for Climax Entertainment, which hasn’t been doing much since the days of the Dreamcast. On July 31 Climax will release a game, their first since Kingdom of Paradise, and it’s for the DS owners in Japan.   The world of Steal Princess is split into six sections […]

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