Post 79236

Check Out These Fresh Okamiden English Screens

By Ishaan . July 22, 2010 . 8:17pm

If you haven’t had a chance to see Okamiden in English yet, these screenshots are for you.

Post 79249

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Priced, Dated

By Ishaan . July 22, 2010 . 4:20pm

Capcom’s Xbox 360-exclusive “unique content demo” will release a month ahead of Dead Rising 2.

Post 79189

What Would You Ask The Producer Of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3?

By Spencer . July 22, 2010 . 1:00pm

We want to know because we’re meeting with Ryota Niitsuma tomorrow.

Post 79153

Amaterasu And Thor Join Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Roster

By Spencer . July 21, 2010 . 11:55pm

Marvel leaked two more characters from the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 roster. Amaterasu from Okami and Thor, the star of an upcoming film, are confirmed for the crossover fighter.

Post 79007

New Sengoku Basara 3 Assets Look Great

By Ishaan . July 21, 2010 . 11:26pm

Capcom released a few Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes screenshots and video in time for Comic-Con and they look great.

Post 78958

Square Enix Launching Digital Manga Store In U.S. And France

By Ishaan . July 21, 2010 . 4:23pm

Fullmetal Alchemist and Soul Eater to be among the first digitally-available titles.

Post 78962

Any Questions For The Brains Behind The Dragon Ball Fighting Games?

By Spencer . July 21, 2010 . 3:40pm

Tomorrow we’re going to meet up with Ryo Mito, the Producer of Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 and a bunch of other Dragon Ball fighting games.

Post 78900

Four More Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Characters Announced, Playable At Comic-Con [Update]

By Spencer . July 21, 2010 . 9:06am

Chun-Li, Doctor Doom, Super-Skrull, and Trish from Devil May Cry join the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 roster. Update: Three videos added.

Post 78587

Search Comic-Con For A Dragon Quest IX Treasure Map

By Spencer . July 19, 2010 . 9:17am

Comic-Con attendees set your Dragon Quest IX to tag mode while walking by Nintendo’s booth. Nintendo is giving away a treasure map to Mortamor during the show.

Post 77514

No, Yoshinori Ono Isn’t Working On Capcom vs. SNK 3

By Ishaan . July 11, 2010 . 3:02pm

But he hopes someone will make it in his stead. Oh, and something about Darkstalkers and Street Fighter IV Ero…

Post 77472

Electronic Arts To Reveal Spore RPG

By Ishaan . July 10, 2010 . 5:20pm

EA and Maxis are bringing a new Spore RPG to Comic-Con.

Post 77228

Yoshinori Ono To Hold Comic-Con Panel, Teases Other Project Again

By Ishaan . July 9, 2010 . 8:50am

Street Fighter IV producer, Yoshinori Ono, has more teases for you.

Post 77177

Keiji Inafune Announcing New Game At Comic-Con

By Spencer . July 8, 2010 . 1:55pm

Keiji Inafune is one of Capcom’s guests at Comic-Con. He’s going to be at a Dead Rising 2 panel on Thursday and later that day announce a new game.

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