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Konami Confirms Contra Rebirth For Europe, Announces Driift Mania

By Spencer . July 3, 2009 . 10:15am

An official press release say Contra Rebirth will storm into Europe this August. The WiiWare game is starting with more buzz in Europe than it did in Japan where it was stealth announced less than a week before it was released.

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Contra Rebirth Impressions Catapult From A Helicopter

By Denpa no Sekai . May 25, 2009 . 9:08am

Contra Rebirth may be available now, but the majority of hardcore Contra fans outside of Japan still probably have no idea that a new episode is wreaking havoc on Nintendo’s retro-friendly virtual platform. But how much of Contra Rebirth is actually new?

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Konami Stealthily Brings Contra Rebirth On WiiWare

By Spencer . May 8, 2009 . 1:36am

Following the footsteps of Gradius ReBirth, Konami quietly announced Contra ReBirth on a product page. The WiiWare game goes on sale in Japan on May 12 for 1,000 Wii Points and has two player co-op play.