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Contra: Shattered Soldier Spreads Out Onto PS2 Classics

By Spencer . June 9, 2013 . 11:28pm

Originally released for PlayStation 2, Contra: Shattered Soldier is a 2D side-scrolling shooter that put players back into the shoes of Contra 3 hero Bill Rizer… who was frozen in a cryogenic sleep because he killed most of Earth’s population.

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PS2 Classics Finally Come To Japan With Contra, Siren, And Dragon Force

By Spencer . July 3, 2012 . 12:31am

PS2 Classics arrive in Japan on July 25. Castlevania: Lament of Innocence, Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore, Dark Cloud, and Gunstar Heroes: Treasure Box will be relesaed later on.

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