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Niche Japanese Publisher Trying To Drum Up Interest

By Ishaan . April 4, 2013 . 6:00pm

Spike Chunsoft, the Japanese publisher behind games such as Shiren the Wanderer, Virtue’s Last Reward and Danganronpa, are trying to drum up overseas interest.

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Danganronpa: The Animation To Air In Japan This Summer

By Ishaan . March 10, 2013 . 12:00pm

The anime will be directed by Seiji Kishi, who previously directed Persona 4: The Animation, and the script penned by Makoto Uezu.

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Danganronpa Mascot Mono-Bear Spotted In PlayStation Vita Presentation

By Spencer . February 19, 2013 . 1:38am

Famitsu picked up on an interesting cameo in last night’s PlayStation Vita webcast.

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Danganronpa Anime Coming Next Year

By Ishaan . December 7, 2012 . 9:00am

Devil Survivor 2 isn’t the only videogame-to-anime adaptation that Seiji Kishi is directing next year.

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Danganronpa Brings Murder Mystery And Word Battles To iOS

By Spencer . August 20, 2012 . 2:07pm

Spike Chunsoft just released a port of the PSP murder mystery game Danganronpa for iOS. The first chapter is a free download.

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Gachitora Lets You Dress Up As Mono-Bear From Danganronpa

By Ishaan . April 8, 2011 . 2:55am

Since event scenes in Gachitora all use the game’s character models, if you dress Kaji up like Mono-Bear, he’ll appear like that in event scenes, too.

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Danganronpa Sells 85,000 Units, Spike CEO Grins Like Mono-Bear

By Ishaan . February 25, 2011 . 9:00am

The game continues to sell three months after release, says Spike CEO, Mitsutoshi Sakurai.

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This Week In Sales: Danganronpa And Gran Turismo 5 Speed To Release

By Ishaan . December 1, 2010 . 4:29pm

Gran Turismo 5, Danganronpa and Super Robot Wars L are on this week’s sales chart.

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Voice Of Doraemon Returns As Danganronpa’s Antagonist

By Ishaan . November 20, 2010 . 3:00pm

Nobuyo Oyama, 74, plays the creepy Mono-Bear in Danganronpa.

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Dangan-rompa Interview Discuses Character Design And Battle Royale

By Spencer . October 28, 2010 . 12:33pm

Monochrome bears, word battles, and a school where you have to kill to graduate? That’s the setting of Dangan-rompa, a genre bending game where players investigate crimes and enter into word bullet battles.

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Spike’s Danganronpa Trailer Of Hope & Despair

By Ishaan . September 13, 2010 . 4:25pm

This new Danganronpa promotional video gives you a better look at the game’s quirky interrogation sequences.

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Dangan-Ronpa’s Colorful Cast Of Characters

By Spencer . August 12, 2010 . 2:25am

Spike’s lightning speed logic game Dangan-ronpa takes place in a high school where you’re guaranteed success if you graduate, but the only way to make the grade is through murder.

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Danganronpa Teaser Video Breaks Out

By Spencer . August 5, 2010 . 1:28pm

This teaser trailer for Danganronpa: The Campus Wish and Hopeless High School Senior shows Makto blitzing through puzzles and shooting clues like bullets.

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Kenka Bancho Creators Bring You A High Speed Action Game Set In A High School

By Spencer . August 3, 2010 . 7:37pm

Spike is giving the mystery genre a jolt in Japan with Danganronpa.