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Darksiders II Trailer Shows Off Combat And Giant Bosses

By Ishaan . July 25, 2012 . 11:00am

THQ have put out a trailer for Darksiders II, which shows off new in-game footage for a change.

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Darksiders II Hands-On Where Death Meets War

By Spencer . July 20, 2012 . 4:38pm

The demo I played started in the very beginning of Darksiders II with all of the tutorials in place. I rode around on Despair, a horse Death can summon at anytime, before reaching a frozen area.

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Darksiders II Delayed To August To Allow More Time For Polish

By Ishaan . April 18, 2012 . 3:00pm

Vigil Games asked for more time to polish the final game and THQ gave it to them.

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80% Of Ideas For Darksiders II Made It Into The Final Game

By Ishaan . April 16, 2012 . 4:00pm

“The game we ended up with in Darksiders 1 was probably like 1 percent of what we started out with,” says Vigil co-founder David Adams.

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Darksiders II Starring Death Will Ride Out Next Year

By Ishaan . June 3, 2011 . 5:46pm

he story of Darksiders II takes place alongside the story of the first game.

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