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Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut To Have Updated Controls, DLC, And More [Update]

By Ishaan . October 16, 2012 . 8:30am

Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut will feature additional story content in the form of a brand new story scenario and other enhancements as well. [Update: Coming Q1 2013]

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Why Did Deadly Premonition’s Director Visit Washington D.C.?

By Ishaan . June 21, 2012 . 10:45am

That’s a secret, but you’ll find out in the future, says Hidetaka “SWERY” Suehiro.

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Toybox Hopes To Make Original IP With Deadly Premonition Developer

By Spencer . June 4, 2012 . 9:00pm

Toybox’s other title tentatively called Project Happiness will stick with the company’s philosophy of “We are gaming for Love, Peace and Earth.”

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Deadly Premonition On PlayStation 3 Headed To Both U.S. And Europe

By Spencer . March 8, 2012 . 6:41pm

But we don’t know who the game’s publisher is…yet.

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More Deadly Premonition Is On The Way, Harvest Moon Creator Involved

By Ishaan . March 8, 2012 . 12:48pm

Harvest Moon creator, Yasuhiro Wada, dropped a couple of bombshells during his GDC talk this afternoon.

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Deadly Premonition Director Thinking Of Prequel, Sequel And Director’s Cut

By Ishaan . August 24, 2011 . 9:01am

“Trying to think of ways to create a sequel, that’s definitely on the table, trying to create a prequel is also definitely on the table,” says Hidetaka “SWERY” Suehiro.

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Ignition Entertainment On The State Of Selling Niche Japanese Games

By Spencer . March 28, 2011 . 2:43pm

Continuing our interview with Shane Bettenhausen from Ignition Entertainment, Bettenhausen talks about Deadly Premonition, the trial of licensing Nintendo DS games, and hints at the company’s 3DS plans.

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Deadly Premonition Director Swery On How To Make Players Think About Your Game

By Ishaan . March 24, 2011 . 9:25am

Swery believes it’s important that your character can be mimicked, amongst other things.

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Did Deadly Premonition Remind You To Eat, Sleep Or Smoke?

By Spencer . March 4, 2011 . 1:01pm

Deadly Premonition director “Swery” held a talk at Game Developer’s Conference where he discussed the importance of having players remember your game while they aren’t playing it.

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Deadly Premonition Director Working With 3DS Or PSP2?

By Spencer . October 6, 2010 . 11:39am

SWERY signed a non disclosure agreement for at least one of the two upcoming handhelds.

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Deadly Premonition Director Working On Lord Of Arcana

By Ishaan . September 7, 2010 . 9:50am

(A) Look with interest. Did you see that, Zach? Clear as a crisp spring morning “L A” in the coffee.

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Deadly Premonition Director Discusses Protagonist In Post-Mortem

By Ishaan . August 15, 2010 . 4:31pm

Warning: Spoilers inside. Stay away if you don’t want to read them!

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We Predict Rising Star Will Bring Deadly Premonition To Europe

By Spencer . July 9, 2010 . 11:12am

Not only because Rising Star usually publishes Marvelous titles in Europe.

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Deadly Premonition Is Amazon’s Deal Of The Day

By Spencer . April 7, 2010 . 3:44pm

Deadly Premonition, Marvelous’ first HD game, is a strange blend of Twin Peaks and fetch quests. It isn’t for everyone, but at $15 it might be worth picking up.

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Yes, You Can Play Deadly Premonition In English On PS3

By Spencer . February 24, 2010 . 8:51am

Ignition is only releasing Deadly Premonition as an Xbox 360 game in North America. In Asia, it’s known as Red Seeds Profile and it’s a multiplatform game.