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MeiQ: Labyrinth Of Death Will Make It To Vitas In September 2016

By Jenni . July 12, 2016 . 12:34pm

Both North America and Europe will get to hop into Guardians and head into labyrinths in MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death this September.

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North America And Europe Will Get MeiQ: Labyrinth Of Death In Fall 2016

By Jenni . May 9, 2016 . 11:00am

Idea Factory International is bringing Death Beneath the Labyrinth to North America and Europe as MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death.

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Death Beneath the Labyrinth Trailer Highlights Its Five Heroines And Villains

By Sato . November 11, 2015 . 5:30am

Compile Heart’s latest trailer for their upcoming PlayStation Vita dungeon crawler Death Beneath the Labyrinth gives us a closer look at its five main heroines and villains.

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Death Beneath the Labyrinth Walks Us Through Its Dungeon Exploring Style

By Sato . October 28, 2015 . 2:00am

Now that we know more about how you’ll customize your mecha-like partners in Death Beneath the Labyrinth, Compile Heart shows us a bit more of its dungeon exploring parts with a new video.

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Death Beneath the Labyrinth Demonstrates Its Battles With Guardians

By Sato . October 22, 2015 . 3:00am

Compile Heart’s upcoming dungeon crawler Death Beneath the Labyrinth will let you customize your mecha partners, and the latest trailer shows us how they’ll be put to action in battle.

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Death Beneath the Labyrinth Details Its Guardian And Costume Customizations

By Sato . October 14, 2015 . 6:44am

Compile Heart’s latest video for their upcoming Vita dungeon crawler Death Beneath the Labyrinth shows us how you’ll get to customize your mecha-like Guardians and the heroine’s looks.

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Death Beneath the Labyrinth Gets Its First Gameplay Trailer

By Sato . October 7, 2015 . 8:30am

It is said that you can have up to two million possible combinations for the Guardians, with various parts such as body, arms, and more.

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Death Beneath the Labyrinth Gets A Delay And An Opening Trailer

By Sato . September 4, 2015 . 7:30am

Compile Heart Dungeon RPG Death Beneath the Labyrinth was expected to release on October 8th, but has been delayed to December 17th due to “various reasons.”

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Delve Into Death Beneath The Labyrinth Screenshots

By Spencer . July 22, 2015 . 12:25am

Death Beneath the Labyrinth follows Estra and a group of girls with mecha partners as they try to restore a world covered by darkness.

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Death Beneath The Labyrinth To Release In Japan This October

By Sato . June 24, 2015 . 12:20am

Death Beneath the Labyrinth, Compile Heart’s second title under their Hell’s #1 House label, will release on October 8th, according to this week’s issue of Dengeki PlayStation.

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Death Beneath the Labyrinth Introduces Its Villains

By Sato . April 29, 2015 . 11:00pm

Death Beneath the Labyrinth protagonist Estra will get together with a group of girls to take on four towers in order to bring the world back to normal after it’s been engulfed by darkness.

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Check Out Death Beneath The Labyrinth’s Dungeons

By Spencer . April 15, 2015 . 1:35am

Idea Factory will add to the PlayStation Vita’s already large library of dungeon RPGs with Death Beneath the Labyrinth. This 3D dungeon crawler pairs adventurers with a customizable mech.

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Macross Artist Making Mecha For Compile Heart’s Death Beneath The Labyrinth

By Spencer . March 24, 2015 . 12:10am

A few details about Death Beneath the Labyrinth trickled out of Dengeki PlayStation. The game which will be released under the Hell House #1 label like Destroyer Trillion follows a group of girls that can use robots called Guardians.

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Compile Heart Teases More Of Death Beneath The Labyrinth With A Sleeping Girl

By Sato . March 18, 2015 . 1:48am

An eternal night that never breaks, two moons that shine in the darkness. Down the dusky depths beneath the labyrinth, deep inside the sealed door, is where I sleep.

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Death Beneath The Labyrinth Announced By Compile Heart

By Sato . February 24, 2015 . 2:36am

The second title under the Hell’s #1 House label after Destroyer Trillion.

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