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South Park And Super Street Fighter II Discounted In Xbox Live Arcade Blowout

By Spencer . April 1, 2010 . 2:25pm

Starting today and going until April 7 you can get Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix for 560 Microsoft Points ($7) and Defense Grid: The Awakening for 400 MSP ($5).

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Defense Grid: The Awakening – Towers And Aliens

By Louise . January 2, 2009 . 11:16am

Defense Grid is tower defense game in a futuristic setting. The player, with the help of a the bumbling professor-like AI companion must defend cores against an alien race set on stealing them. Unlike other tower defense games where enemies enter…

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Defense Grid: The Awakening Now Steam Powered

By Louise . November 2, 2008 . 7:32am

Back when I was playing Defense Grid: The Awakening at PAX, the developers behind it were alluding to it being released through Steam, but didn’t confirm anything.  Well, now it’s confirmed. Defense Grid will be available through Steam come November for $19.99.   What do you get for $19.99? An intuitive tower-defense game with context-aware […]

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Defense Grid: The Awakening – Intense And Intuitive Tower Defense

By Louise . September 17, 2008 . 2:54pm

Before playing the game, I had very little information about Defense Grid: The Awakening other than the fact that it was a tower defense game. After playing it for half an hour, I can see myself playing this.   Defense Grid is a downloadable PC game (which might make it’s way onto the 360) where […]

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