Post 286923

Gravity Rush, Ragnarok Odyssey, And Tales Are On The First List Of Budget Vita Games

By Spencer . April 1, 2013 . 4:30pm

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan is kicking off their PlayStation Vita the Best re-releases this month. “The Best” games are essentially Greatest Hits titles that get a yellow stripe on the box instead of a red one.

Post 285426

Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention Goes Free On PS Plus

By Ishaan . March 25, 2013 . 4:30pm

PlayStation Plus is handing out another free game starting March 26th.

Post 278591

Devil Survivor Art Book Coming From Udon; Disgaea 3 Manga, Too

By Ishaan . February 20, 2013 . 11:30am

Udon are bringing two more videogame books to the U.S.—an art book for Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor and a manga for Disgaea 3.

Post 266484

Takehito Harada Art Book Covers Art From Disgaea, Makai Kingdom, Phantom Brave

By Ishaan . January 5, 2013 . 3:00pm

Takehito Harada: Art Works 1 covers Harada’s work from the Disgaea games, but also from the Prinny titles, Makai Kingdom, and Phantom Brave.

Post 210118

Mess With Disgaea 3: Absence Of Detention’s New Content Right Away

By Spencer . May 3, 2012 . 9:02am

The main way of unlocking the extras is completing Mao’s storyline in Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention’s, but you don’t have to wait to see all of the new stuff. You can do what a Netherworld Academy student would do to access the extras early – cheat.

Post 206606

Disgaea 3: Absence Of Detention Is Huge, But The New Stuff Is At The Very End

By Spencer . April 17, 2012 . 4:32pm

Mao is enraged that his father stepped on his video game console destroying it and his save data file with thousands of hours logged in. That’s about how much you have to play Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention to see everything NIS America packed inside.

Post 194339

Disgaea 3: Absence Of Justice Screens Introduce Two New Characters

By Spencer . February 21, 2012 . 10:51pm

In addition to over a dozen of downloadable guests and the Raspberyl Chapters, Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention has extra scenarios and one of them introduces two new characters.

Post 194059

Disgaea 3: Absence Of Detention – 10 Million Hours Played

By Spencer . February 20, 2012 . 9:49pm

Producer Mina announced the news and a patch coming to Japan that adds seven new save game icons to the PlayStation Vita version to commemorate the milestone.

Post 190952

Disgaea 3: Absence Of Detention Patch Adds Photo Mode And Sony Cats Weapons

By Spencer . February 8, 2012 . 12:44am

Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention gets a rear touchpad camera zoom feature (hold square + L then touch) and an in-game camera. With the patch installed, you can press the PS Home button and start to take photos.

Post 189377

Disgaea 3: Absence Of Detention Will School PlayStation Vita In April

By Spencer . February 1, 2012 . 5:21pm

NIS America plan to bring RPGs to PlayStation Vita in April when Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention arrives in North America.

Post 188126

Disgaea 3: Absence Of Detention Has Nine New Ultimate Weapons

By Spencer . January 26, 2012 . 3:28pm

It’s time to head back to the Item World. Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention, a PlayStation Vita port with all of the DLC included on the cart, has nine new ultimate weapons to find.

Post 187448

Disgaea 3: Absence Of Detention Screens Welcome Us Back To Evil Academy

By Spencer . January 23, 2012 . 5:27pm

While it won’t be available as a launch day game, Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention won’t be far behind. NIS America plans on releasing the PlayStation Vita version this spring.

Post 180438

Where Did Disgaea 3 And Other Vita Launch Games Land On The Sales Chart?

By Ishaan . December 22, 2011 . 8:26am

Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention, Dream Club Zero Portable, Ridge Racer, and Touch my Katamari were part of the Vita launch, too.

Post 177573

Your Disgaea 3: Absence Of Detention Homework Is To Study These Attacks

By Spencer . December 9, 2011 . 6:36pm

Which attack do you need an axe for? A.) Toten Kreuz, B.) Gravaton Flare, C.) Elemental Burst, D.) None of the above.

Post 171557

You Can Create And Store More Characters In Disgaea 3: Absence Of Detention

By Spencer . November 16, 2011 . 11:49pm

Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention includes all of the downloadable characters from the PlayStation Vita game and a few newbies from Disgaea 4. How many free desks will you have if you gather all of the Nippon Ichi guests and Diez Gentlemen?

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