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Disgaea Infinite Playtest: Yet Another Adventure with the Prinnies. Through Time!

By Laura . August 2, 2010 . 6:12pm

Siliconera’s resident Prinny expert investigates what it’s like, uncovering the mystery of Laharl’s assassination (?).

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Your Disgaea Infinite Questions Answered

By Spencer . June 7, 2010 . 12:57pm

Disgaea Infinite comes out in North America tomorrow and you may have remembered we asked Siliconera readers to send over questions about the game. We got answers and a look at the story right here.

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We Want Your Disgaea Infinite Questions

By Spencer . May 12, 2010 . 7:35pm

Is there anything you want to know about it? Post your question(s) in the comments and we’ll bring them to NIS.

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A Slice Of Disgaea Infinite

By Spencer . April 7, 2010 . 12:07am

Nippon Ichi is giving the visual novel genre a chance with Disgaea Infinite. This tale takes their lovable Prinny mascot and makes him the central character of a murder mystery.

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Disgaea Infinite Illustrated By The ESRB

By Spencer . March 31, 2010 . 1:18pm

After it was announced, NIS America hasn’t said too much about Disgaea Infinite. We know it is a visual novel, stars a Prinny with a magical clock called Tick Tock, and takes place after Laharl was nearly assassinated.

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Disgaea Infinite Loops Into June

By Spencer . March 5, 2010 . 12:17pm

Looks like Disgaea Infinite won’t be ready in May as originally scheduled. Gamefly just added the PSP visual novel in their database and have it pegged for June.

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Disgaea Infinite Loops Into North America This May

By Spencer . January 29, 2010 . 7:00pm

NIS America confirmed they’re localizing Disgaea Infinite, a time looping adventure novel for the PSP.

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Disgaea Infinite Loops Into Stores

By Spencer . January 14, 2010 . 10:23am

Not our stores, mind you, but Nippon Ichi is preparing a UMD version of Disgaea Infinite.

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Disgaea Infinite Is A Visual Novel Starring A Prinny

By Spencer . September 17, 2009 . 7:18pm

Nippon Ichi unveiled Disgaea Infinite and it isn’t a strategy RPG. Actually, it isn’t even a RPG, it’s a visual novel with a time loop feature.

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Disgaea Infinite In Development For PSN

By Spencer . September 11, 2009 . 7:38am

Nippon Ichi is working on a downloadable Disgaea game titled Disgaea Infinite and it’s going to be revealed at Tokyo Game Show.

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