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Nippon Ichi Software Wrapping Up Its 25th Anniversary With A Finale Event On July 15

By Sato . May 30, 2018 . 12:30am

Nippon Ichi Software’s actual 25th anniversary is on July 12, but the company will host a special “25th Anniversary Finale Event” a few days later on July 15, and they’ll have some games to show.

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Nippon Ichi Software Teased A New Disgaea Game Project And An Unknown Remake Project

By Sato . January 19, 2018 . 2:00am

During yesterday’s Nintendo Direct-inspired live stream from Nippon Ichi Software, the company had a couple more projects including “plans for next Disgaea” and a remake project for an unknown game.

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Nippon Ichi Considering New Entries For Past Titles; New Disgaea, Refrain, And Yomawari In The Works

By Sato . December 26, 2017 . 1:00am

Nippon Ichi Software shared a few words on some of the games they’re planning new titles on, including Coven and Labyrinth of Refrain and Yomawari. Talk on a new Disgaea development is also coming.

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NIS President Says Next Disgaea Likely To Be On Switch, Talks Western Localization

By Casey . July 6, 2017 . 8:00am

Nippon Ichi Software president Sohei Niikawa recently had some interesting stuff to talk about in a Reddit RMA, where he teased a bit on the next Disgaea, talked, Western localization, and more.

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Disgaea And Yomawari: Night Alone Are Headed To Smartphone

By Sato . December 6, 2016 . 11:45pm

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s smartphone company Forward Works is hosting an event where they announced Nippon Ichi Software’s Disgaea and Yomawari are headed to smartphone.

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Disgaea Characters Leaving the Netherworld To Visit A Vita DRPG

By Spencer . April 30, 2015 . 1:50am

NIS America is publishing Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy in the West and in Japan Disgaea characters are showing up in another one of Experience’s dungeon RPGs.

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Flonne and Etna Nendoroids Now Available For Pre-Order From Good Smile Company

By Sunjun . July 28, 2013 . 5:00pm

Both nendoroids cost 3,500 yen each and will go on sale this December.

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A Look At Udon’s Disgaea, Atelier, Growlanser, And Valkyria Art Books

By Matt . April 4, 2013 . 11:20am

UDON’s marketing manager explained to me that Takehito Harada Art Works Volume 1 is noteworthy for showing the process that Harada uses. Everything from the original line work to how the colors are laid out.

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Laharl Commands A PS3 Re-release For Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness

By Spencer . January 14, 2013 . 12:03am

On Tuesday, you can make Mid-Boss feel the wrath of Laharl and raise an army of Prinnies on PlayStation 3.

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Nippon Ichi Is In The Guinness Book Of World Records, Thanks Partially To Disgaea

By Spencer . December 27, 2012 . 1:49am

Nippon Ichi Software has a place in the Guinness Book of World Records and you might be able to guess why! No, it’s not for dealing the most damage dealt in one attack or for having the most peg-legged penguins on the screen.

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Fans Select Nippon Ichi’s Top 50 Male Characters

By Spencer . October 11, 2012 . 1:08am

Is Laharl number one? Of course he is, but number two might surprise you!

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How Final Fantasy V Changed Nippon Ichi Software CEO Sohei Niikawa’s Dreams

By Sato . September 9, 2012 . 5:15pm

“At the time, there was a rather famous book called “Finding Employment in the Gaming Industry,” So, I bought that and applied to at least 50 companies out there. “

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Prinnies Are On Everything, Even Booze

By Spencer . December 30, 2011 . 3:00pm

Yes, there really is Prinny brand booze, but it’s not from the Netherworld. It’s bottled in California.

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Nippon Ichi Teases Four Future Titles

By Spencer . August 8, 2011 . 9:20pm

One title is an action RPG with 3D graphics and full polygons. This title is being made by the Prinny: Can I Really be the Hero? group. We’ll hear more about this title in a month.

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See More Disgaea Characters And Lord Zetta In Nippon Ichi’s 3DS Bikkuriman Game

By Spencer . May 18, 2011 . 11:34am

Bikkuriman Kanjyuku Haoh brings Disgaea leads Laharl, Adell, Rozalin, Mao, Valbatose, and Fuka to the Nintendo 3DS in a single game.

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