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Dissidia: Final Fantasy’s Reversible Cover Art

By Spencer . May 15, 2009 . 1:00pm

Choose your allegiance to Cosmos or Chaos with the Dissidia: Final Fantasy package art. One side has all the Cosmos and all of the Final Fantasy heroes as imagined by Tetsuya Nomura. Flip it over and you have villains.

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Dissidia: Final Fantasy And PSP Bundle Dated

By Spencer . May 14, 2009 . 3:01pm

Dissidia: Final Fantasy will let Final Fantasy fans set up dream matches between the Onion Knight and Exdeath on August 25. Don’t have a PSP? Sony has a bundle for you.

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The Deluxe Dissidia PSP Case

By Spencer . April 9, 2009 . 7:09am

Sony and trendy bag company Porter have enjoyed a long partnership making fashionable PSP cases. Their latest PS Pictogram case invites Square Enix to the party.   This pouch has a silhouette of the Cosmos vs. Chaos battle from Dissidia: Final Fantasy on the flap. The 88mm x 185mm x 42mm case is designed to […]

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Dissidia: Final Fantasy Gets Trading Arts

By Spencer . February 17, 2009 . 3:01am

Square Enix knows how to profit from character goods. That’s why they took hero designs from Dissidia: Final Fantasy and made them into trading arts figures. Unlike Square Enix’s other trading arts toys these aren’t minuscule statues. Each pre-painted figure is around 5″ tall and goes for about $13 depending where you import them.   […]

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Optional Data Install Popping Up For More PSP Games

By Spencer . January 29, 2009 . 11:06am

Someday digital downloads could replace UMDs. Not quite yet, though! Most PSP owners still get their games on physical media which means load times.   A few publishers are tackling the problem with the help of larger Memory Sticks on the market. Their trick is a partial data install similar to what a handful PlayStation […]

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Korea Gets Dissidia Desktop Calendars

By Spencer . January 12, 2009 . 12:33pm

Later this month Dissidia: Final Fantasy comes out in Korea. It won’t be fully localized like Persona 4, believe it or not there is a Korean text version of Persona 4 there. Anyway, Korea gets Dissidia: Final Fantasy before us. As a bonus anyone that reserves the Korean version gets a Dissidia: Final Fantasy desktop […]

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Dissidia: Final Fantasy: Villains And Command Menus

By Spencer . December 24, 2008 . 3:25pm

I’m way deeper into Dissidia: Final Fantasy now with multiple Destiny Odysseys cleared. Cloud’s was a piece of cake. I won’t spoil the story bits, but I think you can imagine what happens. Cloud is an in your face character. At level one he has one projectile, a fire spell, and one distance closing attack. […]

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Yoshinori Kitase Plays Dissidia: Inside Asia’s Dissidia: Final Fantasy Event

By Spencer . December 19, 2008 . 2:32pm

I didn’t expect the Asia Game Show to have any spectacles to see. Set your expectations low and you won’t be disappointed right? I was unprepared, absolutely unprepared, when I walked into the show and saw Yoshinori Kitase, the Executive Producer of Dissidia: Final Fantasy, promoting the game at the event. This was almost like […]

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Dissidia: Final Fantasy – Destiny Odyssey IV

By Spencer . December 18, 2008 . 4:33pm

I unwrapped Dissidia: Final Fantasy and jumped into quick battle mode eager to control Kefka, but couldn’t do that. Only the ten heroes from the Cosmos side are initially playable. You need to unlock all of the villains by purchasing them with PP.   Time to switch to story mode.     The first episode […]

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Dissidia: Final Fantasy Ads Take Over Shinjuku Station

By Spencer . December 17, 2008 . 10:51pm

Square Enix wants to make sure Japan, well at least Tokyo, is aware of Dissidia: Final Fantasy’s release. For a limited time daily commuters passing through Shinjuku Station get a tour through the history of Final Fantasy. These posters are a part of a massive ad campaign where all the heroes/villain combinations span the walls […]

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Judge Master Gabranth’s Dissidia Debut Trailer Now With Subtitles

By Spencer . December 16, 2008 . 6:05am

In the middle of a Game Center CX episode another Dissidia: Final Fantasy trailer was shown. Most of this footage has been used before, but the last few seconds should interest Final Fantasy XII fans since a familiar character appears at the end. Instead of picking Vaan, Balthier or any of the heroes from Final […]

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Download A Bunch Of Dissidia: Final Fantasy Custom Themes

By Spencer . December 11, 2008 . 9:13am

Square Enix has been trickling free PSP themes to promote Dissidia: Final Fantasy leading up to the game’s launch. We’re up to Final Fantasy VI this week and you can have Terra with blonde hair on your PSP by following these instructions.   1.) Click on the picture of the theme you want. 2.) Save […]

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Practice Fighting Phony Heroes In Dissidia: Final Fantasy’s Story Mode

By Spencer . December 4, 2008 . 9:43am

Underneath the excitement of seeing Final Fantasy characters from different games spar in Dissidia: Final Fantasy is a single player story mode that takes place on game board. Players spend Destiny Points (DP) to move their piece towards a goal to complete an area. Stationary battle pieces block your path and the only way to […]

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What Moves Does Shantotto Have In Dissidia: Final Fantasy?

By Spencer . December 3, 2008 . 8:01am

Like Terra, Shantotto is a mage, but the Tarutaru uses Final Fantasy XI exclusive spells. Shantotto can create cones of earth with Stonga and utilize the power of wind by casting Aeroga. Her EX Mode is Magic Burst which lets her cast a wave of spells that include: Quake, Tornado, Freeze, Flare, Flood, and Burst […]

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Cloud And Sephiroth Spar In Dissidia: Final Fantasy

By Spencer . November 28, 2008 . 9:08am

Yes, Cloud and Sephiroth are in Dissidia: Final Fantasy. Anyone who knows anything about Final Fantasy figured out the two characters would be Dissidia way before Square Enix officially announced them. But what do they do in Dissidia? This trailer of gives us a pretty good idea.   When Cloud goes into EX Mode he […]