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Bloody Palace Mode Coming To DmC Devil May Cry As Free DLC

By Ishaan . January 9, 2013 . 10:30am

Bloody Palace Mode is coming to DmC Devil May Cry as free DLC, Capcom have announced.

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Rock Out To A DmC Devil May Cry Music Video Featuring One OK Rock

By Ishaan . January 8, 2013 . 11:25pm

Capcom have released a music video for DmC Devil May Cry, featuring the game’s image song, “Nothing Helps,” by One OK Rock.

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Dante Visits The Bank In A New DmC Devil May Cry Trailer

By Ishaan . January 4, 2013 . 8:30am

Not your typical bank visit.

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DmC Devil May Cry’s Phineas Tells Dante About His Past

By Ishaan . January 3, 2013 . 11:00am

DmC Devil May Cry’s new character, Phineas, gives Dante a brief history lesson in a DmC Devil May Cry gameplay video.

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Vergil Shows Off His Moves In DmC Devil May Cry Trailer

By Ishaan . December 27, 2012 . 8:30am

Vergil is the star of a new DmC Devil May Cry trailer, showing off his fighting style, which looks rather different from Dante’s.

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Buy DMC3, DMC4 And DmC Devil May Cry For $60 On PC

By Ishaan . December 19, 2012 . 8:52am

Planning on picking up DmC Devil May Cry for PC? You may want to check out these fantastic deals that are running on Steam.

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A Look At DmC Devil May Cry’s “Son of Sparda” Difficulty

By Ishaan . December 16, 2012 . 10:30am

Capcom have shared a lengthy new video of DmC Devil May Cry that shows off the difference between the regular difficulty modes and the “Son of Sparda” difficulty.

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DmC Devil May Cry Coming To PC At 60fps (And Higher) In January [Update]

By Ishaan . December 13, 2012 . 8:30am

Capcom weren’t kidding when they said the PC version of DmC Devil May Cry would arrive soon after the console versions. [Update: Trailer added.]

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Capcom: “Uptick In Pre-Order Sales” After DmC Devil May Cry Demo

By Ishaan . December 7, 2012 . 2:00pm

Capcom conducted another Q&A for DmC Devil May Cry earlier today, where Capcom USA producers fielded questions from inquisitive fans.

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DmC – The Eye of Dante App Lets You Redeem Points For DmC Orbs

By Ishaan . December 5, 2012 . 12:10pm

Capcom have released a free DmC app titled Eye of Dante for iOS and Android devices, which can be used to redeem Orbs in the actual game.

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Ninja Theory Looking At DmC Devil May Cry Demo Feedback

By Ishaan . November 30, 2012 . 10:00am

“We’re looking at feedback from the demo, but there is nothing concrete I can say right now,” says Ninja Theory’s Dom Matthews.

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DmC Devil May Cry Video Shows Off New Weapon, “Dante Must Die” Difficulty

By Ishaan . November 27, 2012 . 10:18pm

In DmC Devil May Cry’s “Dante Must Die” difficulty mode, enemies can activate a Devil Trigger of their own.

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DmC Devil May Cry Demo Player Tears It Up With Advanced Play

By Ishaan . November 23, 2012 . 9:30am

A DmC Devil May Cry player in Japan has recorded his run through one of the levels in the game’s demo, showing off complex combos and jump-cancelling.

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Meet The Actor Who Plays Dante In DmC Devil May Cry

By Ishaan . November 22, 2012 . 8:30am

Meet Tim Phillipps, the actor playing Dante in the new Devil May Cry.

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DmC Devil May Cry Demo Out Today

By Ishaan . November 20, 2012 . 10:30am

The long-awaited demo for DmC Devil May Cry is out today on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network in North America.