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Dokapon Journeying To A DS Near You

By Spencer . February 2, 2009 . 7:24pm

In April Atlus will bring us Dokapon Journey, a portable follow up to last year’s Dokapon Kingdom. Dokapon Journey supports wireless play and single card download play to ease linking up with others. And Dokapon Journey is a game you want to play with others. Spinning wheels and capturing cities against the ruthless computer just […]

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Second Thoughts On Dokapon Kingdom

By Spencer . October 29, 2008 . 3:55am

I can see why Levi isn’t a fan of Dokapon Kingdom. The computer is merciless. You need the right combination of items and luck to stand up against three CPU controlled players. Even with two humans and two computer controlled warriors the odds are in favor of the computerized characters. However, I’ve been enjoying Dokapon […]

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Dokapon Kingdom: A Party Game/RPG Hybrid That’s Not Much Of A Party

By Levi . October 23, 2008 . 5:26am

I’d been looking forward to Dokapon Kingdom, Atlus and Sting’s board game/RPG hybrid, for quite a while. Normally, neither genre that the game mashes together are really my kind of game. But nonetheless, I was very intrigued. I always love…

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Hands on Dokapon Kingdom – Sting’s dorm room RPG

By Spencer . September 16, 2008 . 9:05am

Dokapon Kingdom is the Rock Band equivalent of turn based RPG genre, it’s the kind of game best experienced with friends and a load of fun in a group. While Dokapon Kingdom looks like a cousin of Mario Party it does not have any mini-games. Spaces on the board game map represent items given off […]

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Sugoro Chronicle is Compile Heart’s Dokapon Kingdom competitor

By Spencer . June 27, 2008 . 8:06am

North America will get a taste of an RPG board game blend in October when Atlus releases Dokapon Kingdom. However, Dokapon Kingdom won’t dominate the niche in Japan. Compile Heart has Sugoro Chronicle: Migite ni Ken wo Hidarite ni Saikoro wo (Sugoro Chronicle:  Sword in the Left Hand, Dice in the Right) scheduled to come […]

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