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This Week In Sales: Monster Hunter XX And Switch Lead The Way On A Bye Week

By Sato . March 29, 2017 . 12:30pm

Last week, Japan had a bye week in sales without any new titles in the top-20, but we still saw strong numbers coming from Monster Hunter XX and Nintendo Switch to maintain their top spots.

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This Week In Sales: Can’t Run Out Of Kingdom Hearts Remixes If You Remix Remixes Edition

By Sato . March 15, 2017 . 7:00am

Last week, Japan saw a couple big PS4 releases in Ghost Recon: Wildlands and Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix following the big Nintendo Switch launch week.

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This Week In Sales: Nintendo Switch Makes Its Debut

By Sato . March 8, 2017 . 4:30pm

Last week was a huge week in Japan, as well as the rest of the world, with the release of Nintendo’s newest console, Switch. Here’s how the Nintendo Switch and its launch titles performed in Japan.

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Battles Take A Toll On The Switch Version Of Dragon Quest Heroes II’s Frame Rate

By Casey . March 8, 2017 . 8:30am

The results of a comparison video showed that while the Nintendo Switch plays the game fairly similarly to the PS4, Nintendo’s console struggled, with the frame rate falling in battles.

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Dragon Quest Heroes I & II Footage Shows Newcomer Ragnar McRyan And New Boss Fight

By Sato . March 2, 2017 . 12:00am

Square Enix hosted a special pre-release live stream for Dragon Quest Heroes I & II, where they showcased the latest on the bundle and how it runs on the Nintendo Switch.

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Dragon Quest Heroes I & II Demo To Be Available On March 3 In Japan For Switch

By Sato . March 1, 2017 . 4:30am

Square Enix announced today that Japan is getting a free demo version for Dragon Quest Heroes I & II for Nintendo Switch on its release date of March 3, 2017.

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Dragon Quest Heroes I & II For Nintendo Switch Live Stream Incoming March 1 In Japan

By Sato . February 28, 2017 . 4:00am

Square Enix is hosting a special live stream for Dragon Quest Heroes I & 2 for Nintendo Switch on March 1 in Japan, where they’ll showcase more of the game with guests a couple days before launch.

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Check Out Dragon Quest Heroes I & II And 1-2 Switch Action In Latest Nintendo Switch Ads

By Sato . February 15, 2017 . 3:00am

With the Nintendo Switch launching in a little over two weeks, Nintendo has provided another look at Dragon Quest Heroes I & II, 1-2 Switch, and more in their latest batch of ads for Japan.

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Dragon Quest Heroes I & II Is More Than Just A Port, Square Enix Says

By Casey . January 22, 2017 . 3:30pm

In addition to making use of the Switch HD Rumble, the Switch version will have an adjusted difficulty level and game balance.

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Watch Dragon Quest IV’s Ragnar McRyan Unleash A Special Move In Dragon Quest Heroes 1 & 2

By Casey . January 15, 2017 . 1:30pm

In a new gameplay video for Dragon Quest Heroes 1 & 2 on the Switch, Dragon Quest IV’s Ragnar McRyan destroys a pack of slimes with a super-powerful special move.

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