Post 71135

Dragon Quest IX’s Localization Looks Something Like This

By Spencer . May 19, 2010 . 1:31pm

Along with the July 11 release date, Nintendo sent out the first batch of English Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies screenshots.

Post 71042

Dragon Quest IX Sliming North America On July 11th

By Ishaan . May 19, 2010 . 7:36am

Dragon Quest IX is headed to North America this July, courtesy of Nintendo, seemingly with all its features intact.

Post 70949

Square Enix Video Game Sales Surpass $1 Billion

By Spencer . May 18, 2010 . 2:49am

Square Enix’s video game division stashed away a Metal Slime King’s fortune.

Post 68622

Famitsu’s Game Of 2009 Is…

By Spencer . April 27, 2010 . 10:46am

Another best of 2009 list… in April? May is just one week away, but Famitsu takes a long time to roll out their yearly awards. Actually, they just posted the results, which we translated below.

Post 67077

TV Show Promises Dragon Quest X Information (Maybe?)

By Spencer . April 13, 2010 . 2:49pm

A TV show may have gotten the scoop on Dragon Quest X.

Post 63800

This Week In Sales: It’s A Dragon Quest Week

By Ishaan . March 14, 2010 . 12:52pm

Dragon Quest IX makes its return to the weekly top-ten as Bioshock 2 barely creates a ripple.

Post 62381

A Heavenly Bride Makes A Cameo In Dragon Quest IX

By Spencer . February 25, 2010 . 10:01am

Bianca from Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride is going to visit the world Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies via a content download.

Post 62299

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies Brought To You By Nintendo

By Spencer . February 24, 2010 . 11:12am

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies is being released Stateside, but not by Square Enix. Nintendo announced they are publishing it and the game is scheduled for a summer release.

Post 59510

Luida’s Bar, A Resting Place For Weary Dragon Quest Fans

By Laura . January 31, 2010 . 3:05pm

Luida’s Bar truly is a “place of meeting and parting.”

Post 57923

Tidbits From Famitsu’s Top 50 Sellers Of 2009

By Ishaan . January 17, 2010 . 12:06pm

Wagamama Fashion Girls Mode sales highlight a possible new franchise as Level-5 continue to build on their success. Oh, and people love Dragon Quest.

Post 57321

Dragon Quest IX Getting Ultimate Budget Reprint

By Spencer . January 12, 2010 . 12:03am

Less than a year after its original release, Dragon Quest IX will be reprinted and sold at a reduced price when it joins Square Enix’s Ultimate Hits collection.

Post 57159

Square Enix Opening Real Life Dragon Quest IX Bar

By Spencer . January 8, 2010 . 5:10pm

Ludia’s bar, the hub for networking heroes in Dragon Quest IX, is about to exist in the real world, specifically Roppongi, Tokyo.

Post 54462

Life Of An Xbox 360 Kiosk In Japan

By Spencer . December 8, 2009 . 11:49am

A retrospective of Yodobashi Camera’s Xbox 360 display in Akihabara.

Post 54273

Square Enix Protects Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies In North America Too

By Spencer . December 6, 2009 . 3:09pm

So, you know, don’t fret that Dragon Quest IX won’t come to North America.

Post 53491

The Secret Of Dragon Quest IX’s Success

By Ishaan . December 6, 2009 . 1:54pm

The two major points Ichimura touched upon were “extended play” and “play with everyone,” which refers to the game’s multiplayer and communication features.

Post 53888

Sort Of Announcing Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies

By Spencer . December 2, 2009 . 11:33pm

Square Enix and Nintendo dropped hints that Dragon Quest IX would be released internationally, not that we’ve ever doubted that sort of thing. Now we have another promising sign, a localized subtitle.

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