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Watch Square Enix’s Dragon Quest Announcement Event Right Here

By Sato . July 28, 2015 . 12:44am

Tune in here for Square Enix’s new Dragon Quest title announcement livestream at 4am EST/1am PST.

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New Dragon Quest Title To Be Announced On A Livestream Tuesday

By Sato . July 27, 2015 . 12:15am

Here are the links for the livestream, where you’ll get to watch the new Dragon Quest title announcement take place.

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Rumor: Dragon Quest XI To Be Announced Next Week

By Sato . July 24, 2015 . 6:51am

A Wall Street Journal Japan reporter tweeted that a letter of invitation from Square Enix states that it will be “a new title from the main Dragon Quest series.”

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A New Dragon Quest Title To Be Announced In On July 28th

By Sato . July 23, 2015 . 10:37pm

We still don’t know what title the presentation will be about, but many fans are expecting it to be the anticipated announcement for Dragon Quest XI.

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Former Cavia Producer’s Studio Working On A New Dragon Quest Project

By Sato . May 29, 2015 . 3:00am

A new Dragon Quest project is in development at Orca, a studio founded by Takuya Iwasaki.

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Dragon Quest Creator Says We May See A New Dragon Quest Game For PlayStation Soon

By Sato . May 25, 2015 . 10:45pm

During the interview, it was pointed out that it’s been about the decade since the last time we saw a new Dragon Quest title on a PlayStation platform, with the previous title being Dragon Quest VIII for PlayStation 2.

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Dragon Quest 1 Will Be Localized Under Its Original Title For The First Time Tonight

By Thomas . September 10, 2014 . 1:59pm

The English version of Square Enix’s Dragon Quest I launched on the New Zealand iOS App Store earlier last night.

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Dragon Quest I Coming Out In September With A New Localization

By Robert . August 30, 2014 . 5:00pm

In an interview with Siliconera, producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto revealed soon after the original Dragon Quest, Square Enix will also release Dragon Quest II and Dragon Quest III for iOS and Android in the West.

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Square Enix Has Slime Chocolates Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

By Spencer . January 23, 2014 . 1:33am

A Valentine’s Day gift approaches…

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Square Enix Registers The Seeds Of Salvation In The US, Is This A New Dragon Quest Game?

By Spencer . January 21, 2014 . 3:04am

Remember the possible Dragon Quest trademarks Siliconera found in Japan? Square Enix registered The Seeds of Salvation in the United States.

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Well, Square Enix Already Gave Away A Million Copies Of Dragon Quest

By Spencer . November 28, 2013 . 11:55pm

All one million free copies of Dragon Quest for iOS and Android are gone… after about two days. Square Enix’s goal is to get smartphone gamers into the Dragon Quest as a whole since eight games in the series are coming over, so they changed the promotion.

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Square Enix Is Giving 1 Million Copies Of Dragon Quest Away For Free

By Spencer . November 27, 2013 . 1:10am

Dragon Quest for smartphones is interesting since it uses a vertical layout. The graphics have been upgraded too and we’re not just talking about the NES version.

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Dragon Quest Fans, Here’s A Glimmer Of Hope For Localized Games

By Spencer . November 20, 2013 . 11:02pm

Siliconera dug up trademarks for Luminaries of the Legendary Line and The Seeds of Salvation registered in Japan by Square Enix. These trademarks are in English, which suggest they will be used for future localized Dragon Quest games.

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Take The Square Enix Dragon Quest Story Writing Test

By Spencer . October 30, 2013 . 3:56am

On top of submitting a resume, all applicants have to send two writing samples. The first is an essay about what you think of the Dragon Quest series and the second is a short story with an escape theme.

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A Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest And Tales Collaboration Might Be Possible?

By Sato . October 17, 2013 . 1:33am

So a Slime, a Moogle and Lloyd Irving walk into a bar… okay, I got nothing. However, this month’s issue of V Jump does!

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