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Here’s A Look At The Chinese Version Of Drakengard 3

By Spencer . December 30, 2013 . 11:10pm

Speaking of Square Enix and Sony Computer Entertainment partnerships, the two companies are also working together to make a Chinese version of Drakengard 3.

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This Week In Sales: At Last… Drakengard 3

By Ishaan . December 25, 2013 . 12:30pm

Last week, Square Enix released Drakengard 3 for the PlayStation 3 in Japan, and the game sold 114,024 copies in its first week

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Drakengard 3 Is Being Translated Into Chinese Thanks To Sony

By Spencer . December 23, 2013 . 2:23am

Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong announced a Chinese version of Drakengard 3 is in the works. Actually, the Chinese version is coming out before the English release since it’s slated for January 23, 2014.

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Don’t Worry, Square Enix USA Haven’t Forgotten About Drakengard 3

By Ishaan . December 19, 2013 . 8:30am

Square Enix USA have released a back of screenshots for Drakengard 3, to coincide with the game’s release in Japan.

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All Of The Dragon Riding You Need Is In Drakengard 3

By Spencer . December 18, 2013 . 11:32pm

Drakengard 3 has dragon riding and you can fight ground enemies by swooping in or swiping Mikhail’s tail. Zero also has the ability to quickly switch weapons and go from sword to chakram.

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Drakengard 3 Will Have An Extra Story As DLC, Classic Drakengard Heroine Costumes

By Spencer . December 17, 2013 . 12:39am

Square Enix has Drakengard 3 downloadable content designed for Drakengard fans. On December 19, the same day the game comes out in Japan, players will be able to download a costume for Zero with a different color variation for free.

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Square Enix Doubles Down With Drakengard 3 TV Spots

By Spencer . December 16, 2013 . 1:42am

Drakengard 3 comes out in Japan this week and Square Enix made two commercials for the dragon riding action RPG.

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Drakengard 3 Is Loaded With Side Quests

By Spencer . November 24, 2013 . 11:34pm

When you’re not committing sororicide, Zero can complete side quests in Drakengard 3. Developer Access Games added these extra missions with missions such as collecting certain item drops from enemies within a set time or fetching items from treasure chests.

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Drakengard 3′s Four Deadly Weapons

By Spencer . October 28, 2013 . 3:05am

Drakengard 3 has multiple weapons for Zero to use and you can switch weapons while you are in battle. The weapon story system returns in Drakengard 3 and each weapon can grow to level four if you can collect materials for it.

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A First Look At Drakengard 3′s Aerial Battles On Dragonback

By Sato . October 22, 2013 . 3:58pm

In Drakengard 3, you’ll be playing as the deadly Utautai Zero, who can hold her own on land, but when it comes to aerial combat, she’ll be needing the help of her partner dragon Mikhail.

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Drakengard 3′s Zero Cosplaying As The First Drakengard Protagonist, Caim

By Sato . October 21, 2013 . 10:45pm

This weekend, Square Enix showed off some new footage of Drakengard 3 during a NicoNico Live presentation featuring producer Takasama Shiba, along with some of the game’s voice actresses.

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Drakengard 3 Connects To Nier, Will Have A Balance Between Darkness And Humor

By Matt . October 11, 2013 . 11:10pm

“We have a good balance of darkness and humor… there’s actually a good bit of the former, in the in-game dialogue for example. We don’t want to turn it into a completely dark story,” said producer Takamasa Shiba.

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Drakengard 3 Is Square Enix’s Attempt To Woo Hardcore Gamers

By Matt . October 10, 2013 . 6:44pm

One key point that was stressed is Square Enix has traditionally served two distinct audiences: casual and hardcore gamers. Shiba explained how the former has been the primary focus in recent years and Drakengard 3 is an attempt at impressing the latter party.

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Drakengard 3 Producer: As Long As They Have Taro Yoko, Square Enix Can Make More Drakengard

By Matt . October 9, 2013 . 6:45pm

Drakengard 3 producer Takamasa Shiba also talks to Siliconera about working with Access Games and Cavia on earlier Drakengard games.

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Drakengard 3 Is Flying To North America Next Year

By Spencer . October 9, 2013 . 9:43am

Square Enix announced Drakengard 3, a prequel to the Drakengard series and Nier, will be localized for the West.

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Do A Barrel Roll To Dodge Flying Boulders In Drakengard 3

By Sato . October 6, 2013 . 11:28pm

Mikhail’s breath attacks will have a lock-on feature, which will also make it possible to target multiple foes at once during aerial battles in Drakengard 3.

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