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Learn More About Dungeon Fighter Online’s Male Slayer

By Eugene . September 7, 2014 . 11:00am

Neople are keeping true to their word on translations and bringing more of the lore to the West for their returning (upcoming?) side-scrolling MMO brawler Dungeon Fighter Online.

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Dungeon Fighter Online’s Mage Class Getting Bigger Spells

By Eugene . August 31, 2014 . 3:27pm

The Mages’ second, more advanced, set of classes have been revealed.

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Dungeon Fighter Online Needs A Little More Time

By Eugene . August 24, 2014 . 2:02pm

Neople’s Global Project Leader Jerry said that the team is still “preparing lots of things” and note that it’s difficult for them to do everything for a global release all the way from Korea.

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Dungeon Fighter Online Is Getting A New English Localization

By Eugene . July 1, 2014 . 4:02pm

Developers Neople are busy getting Dungeon Fighter Online ready for the West again, and it seems they’re re-translating parts of the game.

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This Kid Will Be Singing Dungeon Fighter Online Songs

By Eugene . June 22, 2014 . 11:00am

You know you’ve made it when your game becomes a symphonic orchestra music set.

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Fate/Zero Characters Enter Dungeon Fighter Online In Korea

By Eugene . June 17, 2014 . 2:04pm

Fate/Zero’s characters are now available in the Korean version of Dungeon Fighter Online.

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Dungeon Fighter Online Officially Coming Back In The West

By Eugene . June 2, 2014 . 10:30am

So, that alpha test for Dungeon Fighter Online in English? Good news.

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Dungeon Fighter Online Gunner Wakes Up To The Second Coming

By Eugene . May 18, 2014 . 12:29pm

Male Gunners will be able to turn themselves into Commanders, Ravens, Primes or Destroyers, depending on their chosen subclasses.

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Dungeon Fighter Online Possibly Preparing For Revival In The West

By Eugene . May 15, 2014 . 8:30am

After Nexon closed it down last year, we thought it the end for Dungeon Fighter Online. However, the game’s original developer is presently conducting an alpha test for the title.

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Dungeon Fighter For Xbox 360 Is Dungeon Fighter Live

By Spencer . November 23, 2011 . 2:20pm

Nexon announced a partnership with Microsoft to bring their popular beat ‘em up Dungeon Fighter Online to Xbox Live Arcade.

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Dungeon Fighter Online Not A Freemium Game, It’s A Paid XBLA Title

By Spencer . March 25, 2011 . 5:06pm

Nexon and Manga Carta 2 developer Softmax are working on a console version of Dungeon Fighter Online. However, unlike the PC version it is not a freemium MMORPG.

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Dungeon Fighter Online Brawls On To Xbox Live Arcade

By Spencer . March 24, 2011 . 2:42am

Soon you’ll be able to play Dungeon Fighter Online, Nexon’s multiplayer online brawler, on Xbox 360. Magna Carta 2 developer Softmax is working on the console version.

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