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Samurai Warriors 3, Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce Heading Overseas

By Spencer . September 24, 2009 . 1:55pm

Not satiated with the current library of Warriors games? Koei has two more titles for you. Samurai Warriors 3 and Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce are coming to North America next year.

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The First Tecmo / Koei Franchise Crossover

By Spencer . September 23, 2009 . 8:31am

Tecmo and Koei, now one under the Koei Tecmo umbrella, are dabbling with crossover content for Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce Special.

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Dynasty Warriors 6 And Mana Khemia 2 (?) Are Your Next PS2 To PSP Ports

By Spencer . June 24, 2009 . 11:58am

From Software isn’t the only company profiting off portable PlayStation 2 games. Koei and Gust are joining the party too. Koei will release Shin Sangoku Musou 5 Special, the PlayStation 2 version of Dynasty Warriors 6, for PSP on September 3.

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Koei Cancels Warriors Orochi Z For North America

By Spencer . June 9, 2009 . 9:12am

Koei repackaged the two Warriors Orochi games and added a few characters like Sanzang Fashi to make Musou Orochi Z for the PlayStation 3. The game came out in Japan in March, but it won’t cross the Pacific.

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Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce – Romance Of Monster Hunter

By Spencer . March 11, 2009 . 6:09am

This may sound strange, but Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce is the most evolved version of Dynasty Warriors since the series started. You still push through waves, smaller waves this is a PSP game, of mindless troops. However, Koei tried to make Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce more like a stylish action game. Characters move faster, have evasion tricks […]

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Musou Orochi Z Coming Here As Warriors Orochi: The Collective?

By Spencer . March 10, 2009 . 5:48am

Is Koei going to localize Musou Orochi Z, a compilation of the Warriors Orochi games for the PlayStation 3? Of course. What “Something” Warriors game have we missed?   While Musou Orochi Z officially remains unannounced Gamefly has Warriors Orochi: The Collective in their PS3 database. The two titles appear to be pretty connected. If […]

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Japan Gets Even More PSP Carnival Colors, Some Have Matching Memory Sticks

By Spencer . January 26, 2009 . 11:02am

Fashion conscious potential PSP buyers take note Sony has four new PSP colors coming out in March. The Radiant Red and Vibrant Blue models, currently available in Asia, will arrive in Japan on March 3rd. Two weeks later on March 15 Bright Yellow and Spirited Green (love that name) PSPs will be in stores. The […]

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PlayStation 3 Getting A Warriors Orochi Game

By Spencer . January 9, 2009 . 6:37am

Koei is bringing their Dynasty Warriors / Samurai Warriors mashup to the PS3 on March 12 when Musou Orochi Z comes out. Past Warriors Orochi games were for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, and PSP.   Since the laconic announcement only mentions the PlayStation 3 Warriors Orochi Z is probably a port of one or […]

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Of Course Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 Has DLC

By Spencer . January 8, 2009 . 6:55am

Color me shocked. Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 may not be in stores for us yet, but Japan is getting their first piece of downloadable content sometime this month. Details are vague, but it’s an extra scenario. A free extra scenario. The other scenarios which will follow may or may not be free.   This seems […]

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Koei And Tecmo Merging On April 1, 2009

By Spencer . November 18, 2008 . 12:43am

This isn’t an early April Fool’s Joke. Koei and Tecmo’s discussions have been well received by both companies. In the next fiscal year the two companies will be under the same financial roof. The two publishers will link up to form a holding company structure which will own both companies. Koei stock will be transferred […]

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Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 comes to North America in 2009

By Spencer . September 2, 2008 . 11:02am

Shortly after Gundam Musou 2 was revealed Namco Bandai announces it will be published in North America under the name Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2. We have to wait until 2009 to get it, though. Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 is scheduled to come out on December 4 in Japan. Surprisingly, Namco Bandai and Koei will release […]

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Gundam Musou 2 goes multiplatform on day one

By Spencer . August 29, 2008 . 8:23am

When Namco Bandai announced Gundam Musou, a strange mix of the Gundam universe with the Dynasty Warriors engine, it was only a PlayStation 3 game. Then it became an Xbox 360 game when it was announced as Dynasty Warriors: Gundam in North America and most recently it got a downgraded PlayStation 2 port.   Namco […]

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Downscaled Dynasty Warriors 6 is coming to North America too

By Spencer . August 12, 2008 . 10:03am

Dynasty Warriors fans who didn’t jump into the next generation of consoles will have a chance to play a version of Dynasty Warriors 6 in English. Koei will release Shin Sangkou 5 Musou Special in North America under the simple name Dynasty Warriors 6 in November. They are dropping the “special” moniker, but added features […]

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Dynasty Warriors 6 revised and “expanded” for the PS2

By Spencer . June 30, 2008 . 12:15am

Koei isn’t forsaking the PlayStation 2 even though Dynasty Warriors series moved onto other consoles. This September Shin Sangoku Musou 5 will emerge as a “new” PlayStation 2 game, nearly a year since it was released in Japan for the PS3 and Xbox 360. By “new” I mean Shin Sangoku Musou 5 Special is Dynasty […]

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Samurai Warriors 2: Xtreme Legends digitally delayed

By Spencer . March 20, 2008 . 2:00am

Sengoku Musou 2: Moushouden (Samurai Warriors 2: Xtreme Legends) is extremely late to the Xbox 360 party. Koei released the Samurai Warriors 2 expansion disc on the PlayStation 2 last August in Japan. It was supposed to come to the Xbox Live Marketplace earlier this week, but “operational delays with Xbox Live” prevented it from […]

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