Post 53565

You Could Be The Proud Owner Of Earthbound Zero

By Spencer . November 30, 2009 . 6:13pm

A few prototypes are floating around and one of those can be yours.

Post 51188

New Kids On The Block NES Box Sells For $589

By Spencer . November 4, 2009 . 3:40pm

Game not included since it never came out.

Post 9021

Final Fantasy VIII characters appear in an unlikely place, a N64 game

By Spencer . December 19, 2007 . 12:49pm

Another day, another prototype found by the eBay scouts at GameSniped. While chronicling unreleased video game auctions is the norm over there, Toon Panic is quite unusual. It’s a cancelled Nintendo 64 Power Stone-like game developed by Bottom Up. Not too strange, but the cancelled game has Riona from Final Fantasy VIII in it! She […]

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The ultimate holiday auction? Rock Band and a model delivering it to your door

By Spencer . November 28, 2007 . 4:07pm

This is the strangest auction the eBay-omnipotent staff at GameSniped found so far and it doesn’t include any prototype games. Just Rock Band, Guitar Hero III and oh… a woman dressed in a skimpy Santa outfit hand delivering the goods. Whoever wins the auction gets all of the above plus photo opportunities with Chloe, the […]

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The Playstation’s golden gun

By Spencer . September 12, 2007 . 9:58am

Working Designs was known for their elaborate goodies and their Elemental Gearbolt Assasin’s Case is one of the more pricey pieces of Playstation Swag. At E3 ’98 Working Designs held an Elemental Gearbolt tournament where fifty winners won the mock gun carrying case. Packaged inside the suitcase was a copy of the game, a red […]

Post 6187

The Atari 2600, almost as good as gold

By Spencer . August 15, 2007 . 2:23am

The origin of this special edition Atari 2600 are unknown, even to the person holding the auction. Although s/he speculates that the gold plated Atari may have been a milestone system to celebrate the ten millionth sold console. I doubt we will ever discover the story behind the one-of-a-kind Atari, but it is a representation […]

Post 5910

Dashing for Sparta and the 300 themed Xbox 360

By Spencer . August 1, 2007 . 11:30am

Only ten people got them at San Diego Comic-Con and khazara informs us that he (she?) is selling his (her?) limited edition Xbox 360. As explained in the auction the task was more arderous than sitting in a cushy seat waitng for your number to be called.   Contrary to the press release not everyone […]

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Jak and Daxter… zen like?

By Spencer . July 24, 2007 . 7:01am

Publishers produce interesting swag to promote their games and Gamesniped seems to find all of it. Usually it’s something related to the game like the syringe pens Atlus passed out at this past E3. Deviating from the trend is the promotional tabletop zen rock garden for Jak and Daxter the Precursor Legacy complete with a […]

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Ryu Hayabusa’s training sword

By Spencer . June 27, 2007 . 3:47pm

Gamesniped who always has a multitude of interesting video game auctions found someone is selling one of three wooden swords signed by Itakagi, the creator of Ninja Gaiden. The custom sword was a prize in the Ninja Gaiden Master Tournament Tecmo and you had to be in the top three to earn it. Remember how […]

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Super Costume: Super Mario UFO catcher collection

By Spencer . May 4, 2007 . 8:42am

  This eBay auction for Super Mario Plushies is unusual because it has four of Mario’s costumes from Super Mario Brothers 3 in the lot. When Nintendo moved to Super Mario World all of these costumes were dropped, which makes the Tanooki Mario a rare collectable.

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Space Invaders meets mahjong

By Spencer . March 28, 2007 . 7:22am

A link to an eBay auction appeared on Gamesniped about a Space Invaders Mahjong set. The tiles have pictures of the ship, aliens and the shield in different colors. While unusual items typically fetch a substantial sum on eBay, this memorable piece of Taito swag sold for a mere $7.00. Space Invaders might not have […]

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Oh no (s)he din’t! Radiant Silvergun for $2000?

By Rolando . March 19, 2007 . 7:54am

Sometimes you have to wonder what drives a person to sell a rare/hard to find/out of print item on eBay for a BIN price so high you’ll have a heart attack just looking at it. I remember constantly looking at PS3 auctions on eBay back when the PS3 launched to see just how high bids […]

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The Pac-Man shaped potato chip

By Spencer . March 6, 2007 . 7:32am

Someone in the UK discovered a Pac-Man shaped potato chip in a pack of Walker’s Roast Chicken Crisps. What makes the item “special” is that it was cooked this way and not broken off. After discovering this “rare” find the owner decided to share it with the world by selling it on eBay. As the […]

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Overpriced Final Fantasy XII swag sells on eBay

By Spencer . February 28, 2007 . 5:27am

  Ryu Kazama who was at the London Final Fantasy XII launch party dropped us a line about an eBay auction with some of the swag from the event. The seller has a bunch of FFXII postcards, the “limited edition” (read: sampler) soundtrack, the rare FFXII Nono moogle that 100 lucky people got for waiting […]

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What?! Secret of Mana 2 English SNES cart on eBay?

By Spencer . February 20, 2007 . 6:48pm

  Seiken Densetsu 3 (aka Secret of Mana 2) never saw the light of day in the USA even though it is arguably the best game in the Mana series. Even though Squaresoft overlooked the title there were rumors of a partially localized beta that never surfaced. So it’s a little suspicious that a cartridge […]

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