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Sony Announces First Party Motion Control Games

By Spencer . September 24, 2009 . 12:01am

Next spring there will be a PlayStation 3 motion controller and Sony is making a new Ape Escape game for it.

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Echochrome Extended With PlayStation Eye, Level Sharing Patch

By Spencer . May 18, 2009 . 10:39am

Sony has a major upgrade prepared for the PlayStation 3 version of Echochrome. A patch adds the cloud, a public area where user created stages can be uploaded and shared with the world.

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Even PSP Greatest Hits Games Get Re-released On Japan’s PlayStation Store

By Spencer . November 6, 2008 . 1:20am

It’s no big secret that Sony Computer Entertainment Japan is pushing digital distribution for the PSP. All of their first party games get a retail and digital release on day one. Now Sony is extending this policy to their back catalogue, namely their PSP The Best series. “The Best” games are essentially Japan’s Greatest Hits […]

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Videogame albums: yay or nay?

By Jerisaka . July 20, 2008 . 10:22am

1994 marked the first time for many listeners in English-language regions that videogame soundtrack albums became available. Through promotional offers in gaming magazines, Nobuo Uematsu’s score to Final Fantasy VI was released as the three-disc album "Kefka’s Domain."  The soundtrack to Donkey Kong Country went on sale under the name "DK Jamz."  Around the same […]

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Sound of Echochrome – Hideki Sakamoto Interview

By Jerisaka . June 11, 2008 . 6:16pm

With digital distribution making it possible for a greater variety of unconventional titles to reach the market, imaginative new forms of puzzle gameplay are emerging.  Echochrome for the Playstation 3 and PSP, whose art direction mirrors the logic-defying line drawings of M.C. Escher, is one such example.  The physical laws of the in-game environment are […]

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Sound Current: Echochrome

By Jerisaka . May 31, 2008 . 8:22am

Those who have "knocked on the door" of Echochrome are accustomed to its minimalistic style. Players guide a mannequin avatar across beams, onto catapults and up staircases, all of which obey the physical laws of a two-dimensional universe. The innovative puzzle game by Sony called Mugen Kairou or "Infinite Corridor" in Japanese-language regions includes a […]

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Europe gets Echochrome on UMD and PSN?

By Spencer . May 30, 2008 . 1:29am

The Echochrome mysteries keep coming, but I this may explain why Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s Echochrome page lists a 310MB save file. Unlike North America, Europe is getting a retail, UMD version of Echochrome with 228 puzzles on the disc. This number is over double the amount of stages on the Japanese/Asian version so it’s […]

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Echochrome unpaired, without others

By Spencer . May 5, 2008 . 9:09am

As of last Thursday, North America has Echochrome care of the PlayStation Store, but not the complete package found on the UMD version. The PSP version in Japan/Asia is a retail package with three modes: solo, pair and others. The mode where you tag shadowy echoes and journey back to the starting point is solo. […]

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Europe gets Echochrome on an UMD with even more puzzles

By Spencer . April 29, 2008 . 11:49am

Echochrome is the most mind boggling release this year with many different versions bearing the same name. Adding to the confusion is a European version of Echochrome for the PSP, which will not be a PlayStation Store download like in North America. Echochrome will be heading to retail stores with pop box art sometime in […]

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Extra levels for PS3 Echochrome twist minds

By Spencer . April 24, 2008 . 11:25am

The real treat for people who picked up the PlayStation 3 version of Echochrome is user created stages distributed over the PlayStation Network. Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has a plan to roll out a collection of these over the next few weeks and these puzzles look fantastic.     Take a look at the stage […]

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Sorting through the puzzling versions of Echochrome

By Spencer . April 4, 2008 . 12:00pm

With one name and many different versions, Echochrome’s release is almost as confusing as one of the L ranked puzzles. If you haven’t been playing Echochrome, rank L is the most difficult level of puzzles in the Japanese PSP version. Now that we know Echochrome is coming to North American PlayStation 3s and PSPs in […]

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Echochrome knocks on my door

By Spencer . March 24, 2008 . 11:26pm

Like a fly to a bright light I rushed out to get Echochrome. Not the primal PlayStation 3 version. No, I had to have the whole Echochrome package.   I grabbed the PSP release because it has “more” puzzles.   Echochrome PSP (for the duration I’ll call it Echochrome Plus like they do in Asia […]

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PlayStation 3, echochrome, English

By Spencer . March 19, 2008 . 11:03am

Echochrome: Jokyoku should be on the Japanese PlayStation Store ready to bend brains for a fee of 1,800 yen ($18). Before you spend your cash on a downloadable game with in a foreign language, take note you can purchase echochrome for the PlayStation 3 in English too.   Echochrome Primal – Prologue – is sitting […]

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Echochrome demo is up, English PSP release dated

By Spencer . March 6, 2008 . 6:54pm

  As soon as my internet kicked back in I was going to upload the Echochrome demo, but I see Andrew over at PSP Fanboy already did the hard work for me! If you have a Japanese PlayStation Network account you can pick up the PS3 version on the Japanese store. This demo was actually […]

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Echochrome demo demystifies gameplay next week

By Spencer . February 29, 2008 . 12:16am

Not enamored by Echochrome? You can take the camera twisting puzzle game for a test spin on March 6. Sony Computer Entertainment Japan plans to place an Echochrome demo at one of the many PlayStation Spots located throughout Japan and online at the PlayStation Store. While the trial version is supposed to be for Japan […]