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MangaGamer Holding Steam Sale Until April 10th

By Ishaan . April 5, 2015 . 1:03pm

Four of MangaGamer’s all-ages titles discounted.

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Eden: A Maudlin Mish-Mash Of A Military Man, A Maid, And Melodrama

By Ethan . February 11, 2015 . 2:01pm

There’s some really interesting potential in the premise of the story. Unfortunately, none of those avenues are explored much.

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Who Is MangaGamer?

By Ishaan . October 7, 2014 . 12:31pm

Over the past few years, MangaGamer have quickly grown from a no-name company to a publisher of recognized visual novels.

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MangaGamer Licenses Minori’s eden And Supipura [Update 2]

By Ishaan . August 8, 2014 . 9:49pm

MangaGamer have licensed visual novel developer minori’s eden*, the publisher announced at an Otakon panel today.

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Visual Novel Publisher Minori Object To Project Fan-Translation

By Ishaan . April 23, 2010 . 6:39pm

Visual novel developer-cum-publisher Minori have voiced their objections against any attempts to fan-translate the company’s projects.

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