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Elminage Original Coming To 3DS In North America

By Jenni . May 4, 2017 . 10:00am

It appears Rising Star Games is bringing Elminage Original to the Nintendo 3DS in North America.

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Dark Fantasy Dungeon Crawler Elminage Original Is Headed To Europe

By Ishaan . May 22, 2013 . 9:45am

Elminage Original, Starfish-SD’s first-person PSP dungeon crawler, is headed to Europe, courtesy of Ghostlight.

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Elminage Original 1.01 Adds Custom BGM Selection, Adds Fixes

By Ishaan . April 1, 2013 . 2:00pm

A version 1.01 patch fixes UI issues with Elminage Original and adds localization fixes as well.

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Elminage Original Patch Is In The Pipeline

By Spencer . March 7, 2013 . 5:35pm

Keeping with their current state of announcement murmurs, UFO Interactive said they are working on a patch for Elminage Original. It’s unclear what the patch will address since all we have is a picture of Professor Farnsworth who delivered the news.

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Elminage Original Quietly Crawls Onto PSP Next Week

By Spencer . November 15, 2012 . 3:30pm

Oh, by the way Elminage Original is coming out on November 20 as a PlayStation Network download.

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PSP Dungeon Crawler Elminage Original Heading Overseas

By Spencer . October 5, 2012 . 11:03am

I didn’t think it would happen, but a game in Starfish’s dungeon crawler series Elminage is being localized. UFO Interactive picked up Elminage Original, the first game in the series.