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EXTRA 2008: Uraken on 8BIT☆iDOLM@STER

By Jerisaka . November 8, 2008 . 6:11pm

Since Uraken first began DJ’ing, his electronic music has been described as powerful and uplifting. In addition to appearing at live performances, beginning in 1996 he organized a monthly event called “Hardcore Kitchen.” The first of its kind in Japan, it introduced Tokyo to the UK Hardcore scene. The musician has since toured Britain and […]

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EXTRA 2008: Yuzo Koshiro on Etrian Odyssey

By Jerisaka . October 19, 2008 . 5:29pm

When looking at the magnitude of music composed by Yuzo Koshiro for the Etrian Odyssey series of role-playing games, its breadth amounts to a small kingdom of sounds. The original soundtracks for the first two titles make up five discs. In addition, a drama CD, two Super Arrange records, a piano collection and an album […]

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EXTRA 2008: Jeff Curry on The Outer Rim

By Jerisaka . October 19, 2008 . 4:39pm

In May of this year, the Tokyo-based band The Outer Rim published their self-titled debut album. Composed primarily by bassist Jeff Curry, the musician imagined the spoken drama that bookends the music tracks, which are performed by professional videogame voice actors, as a dark and brooding outer space tale reminiscent of James Cameron’s Aliens. Over […]

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EXTRA 2008 piles on the videogame music nostalgia

By Jerisaka . October 13, 2008 . 9:11am

There were so many renditions of classic game tunes performed at this evening’s EXTRA Hyper Game Music Event at Shin-Kiba’s Studio Coast that it was hard to keep track of them all. The yearly event organized by 5pb Records assembles game composers to perform their own songs and revive classics from yesteryear by way of […]

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Tokyo hosts Extra – Hyper Game Music Event in October

By Jerisaka . September 6, 2008 . 3:26pm

Last year, 5pb Records organized a concert during which prominent videogame composers performed renditions of their own compositions and remixed their favorite tunes from the history of videogame music. The free range of the selections at the Extra – Hyper Game Music Event has made a planned DVD release unlikely due to licensing issues, but […]