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Explaining Eyeshield 21 Wii

By Spencer . April 6, 2007 . 6:45pm

Let’s get this straight Eyeshield 21: Field Saikyou no Senshi Tachi is not Madden nor does it try to be a “professional” American football game. Eyeshield 21 Wii is something else entirely, it’s more like a party game with a football theme or an adventure game with football-like motion control. If you go in expecting […]

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Eyeshield 21: Field Saikyou no Senshi Tachi arrives

By Spencer . March 28, 2007 . 6:39pm

Since it was heavily requested I picked up a copy of Eyeshield 21 for the Wii and it arrived earlier today. I haven’t spent too much time playing it, but it is an interesting take on football. The game is actually less interactive than it appears in the videos. You have four offensive options which […]

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Watch: Eyeshield 21 on the Wii

By Spencer . March 16, 2007 . 3:54pm

While I’m waiting for Eyeshield 21 to be arrive this footage should give you a pretty good sense of how Nintendo’s take on football plays. Simple shaking movements for the defensive line and targeted passes make Eyeshield 21 easy to play. What I wonder about are the special moves. Are these going to make Eyeshield […]

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Watch: Eyeshield 21 in action

By Spencer . March 5, 2007 . 12:12pm

The Eyeshield 21 TV commercial shines some more light on how the game is going to play. In the short spot players use the remote to kick a ball by lifting it up, pass by moving the controller forward and then catching the ball by pressing A when the football flies through a target. The […]

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Controlling Eyeshield 21 on the Wii

By Spencer . February 19, 2007 . 1:55pm

Electronic Arts gets credit for making the first football game on the Wii. However, Madden NFL 2007 never came out for the Wii in Japan, so Nintendo is getting the first shot at bringing the genre to Japan with Eyeshield 21. Here is a little bit on how the motion controls are going to work […]