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Falcom Already Has Another Legend Of Heroes Game Set For 2015

By Spencer . June 23, 2014 . 11:55am

The Legend of Heroes series has grown in popularity and this year Falcom will release a sequel to The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash. Next year, service for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Dawn will kick off.

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Ys And Legend Of Heroes Makers Falcom Tease A New Mystery Project

By Sato . December 19, 2013 . 12:41am

Falmcom have announced an upcoming “huge” title, with two pieces of teaser artwork.

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Falcom President Teases New Legend Of Heroes And Ys Projects In The Works

By Sato . October 29, 2013 . 9:20pm

This year’s PlayStation Awards event is drawing near, and Sony’s Play Community website recently spoke with Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo about the future of the company’s two main franchises: Ys and The Legend of Heroes.

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Falcom Expands Into Smartphones And Tablets With New Video Game Studio

By Spencer . February 13, 2013 . 2:48am

Falcom will continue to released packaged game software and Innovation Unit, a subsidiary of Falcom, will leverage the company’s series and tech for new platforms.

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Next "Trails" Game Is Trails Of Nayuta And It’s For PSP

By Spencer . December 20, 2011 . 10:02pm

Falcom unveiled the next entry in the Trails series today and it’s not for PlayStation Vita. Trails of Nayuta is in development for PSP and slated for release next year.

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Falcom Hopes To Develop PS3 Games With PhyreEngine, Discusses Market Changes

By Spencer . October 27, 2011 . 4:00pm

“With Sony’s PhyreEngine where games can be developed for Vita and PlayStation 3 we are hopeful we can develop games for Vita and PS3 together or have Vita games running on HD screens,” said Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo.

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Falcom Interview On Ys Celceta, Trails, And Creating New IP

By Spencer . October 26, 2011 . 6:07pm

“The way we make games now is different than before when we were primarily developing PC games. We would like to take the knowledge we gained and use our development skills to create a new IP.”

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Step Into Falcom’s Office And The First Thing You See Is…

By Spencer . October 6, 2011 . 10:45pm

… a conference room and figures!

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Falcom Saving A Surprise For Tokyo Game Show

By Spencer . August 29, 2011 . 12:46am

Falcom will have something other than The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Blue and a swag bag at Tokyo Game Show. The RPG developer tweeted to expect an unannounced surprise during the event.

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Xseed Interview Part 1 – How To Exceed In Today’s Marketplace

By Spencer . July 7, 2011 . 6:02pm

In this interview, Ken Berry, Director of Publishing at Xseed, talks about the publisher’s plans for Solatorobo: Red the Hunter, their relationship with Falcom, and why they brought Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls overseas.

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How Xseed Changed The Way Falcom Titles Were Handled In The West

By Spencer . July 5, 2011 . 6:30pm

“You know, they’ve actually gone in and localized everything themselves, which is new for them,” Berry explained.

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Falcom President Reflects On Trails In The Sky, Talks About Series Future

By Spencer . May 26, 2011 . 5:30pm

Since we know there are Falcom fans here, we asked readers to submit questions, which we brought to Toshihiro Kondo. While Trails in the Sky was the focus, we also talked about bringing PSP games from Japan overseas, Steam, and their upcoming NGP title.

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Development Has Already Started On The Next Ys game

By Spencer . May 18, 2011 . 1:30pm

Curious about what’s next for the Ys series, I asked Toshihiro Kondo, President of Nihon Falcom, about future plans for Ys.

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If You Could Ask Falcom A Question About The Legend Of Heroes: Trails In The Sky…

By Spencer . April 12, 2011 . 4:03pm

Since I’m sure *some* readers are playing through Trails in the Sky right now I want to open the floor for reader questions for an upcoming Falcom interview.

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NGP Will Launch With An RPG From Ys Developer Falcom

By Spencer . March 21, 2011 . 11:50pm

Speaking with Dengeki PlayStation, Toshihiro Kondo, President of Falcom, said they have a new RPG in development targeted for the NGP launch.