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Will You Spend Your Fantasy Life In A Desert Town Or A Devil Town?

By Spencer . November 14, 2012 . 4:05pm

Fantasy Life from Level-5 has a couple of different towns to visit. Go to the Desert Town and you can pick up rare alchemy materials or learn something from the Alchemy Research Institute.

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Share Your Fantasy Life With Friends Via Local Wireless Play

By Spencer . October 10, 2012 . 4:10pm

Fantasy Life from Level-5 has a cooperative mode where two friends can join your world through local wireless play. The multiplayer mode doesn’t have a specific goal, it’s up to you to decide how to play with your friends.

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I Lived My Level-5 "Fantasy Life" As A Miner And Fisherman

By Spencer . September 24, 2012 . 4:42pm

Level-5 brought a new demo of Fantasy Life to play at Tokyo Game Show. When I saw Fantasy Life last year I played as a Royal Guard. I thought it would be more interesting to try one of the everyday lives so I started playing Fantasy Life as a miner.

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Level 5 Highlight Their Tokyo Game Show Lineup In English, But Say “No Plans”

By Ishaan . September 20, 2012 . 7:53pm

Level 5 won’t confirm if games like Fantasy Life and Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney are being localized, but they’re highlighting them in English anyway.

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Fantasy Life Trailer Gives Us A Look At Level 5′s Next Big 3DS RPG

By Ishaan . September 19, 2012 . 11:48pm

Level 5’s next major RPG for the Nintendo 3DS is Fantasy Life, a game where you can take up professions from wizard to postman.

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Fantasy Life Hits Nintendo 3DS On December 27th In Japan

By Ishaan . September 18, 2012 . 3:47pm

Players that dive in early to pick the game up will get net themselves a mini soundtrack CD.

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Level-5′s Tokyo Game Show Lineup Is Loaded With Lightning And Layton

By Spencer . September 16, 2012 . 10:32pm

Professor Layton and Inazuma Eleven dominates Level-5′s Tokyo Game Show lineup.

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Be A Hunter, Soldier Or Wizard In Fantasy Life

By Spencer . August 1, 2012 . 3:40pm

Speaking of Level-5 and open world games, while it may not have an “epic” feel Fantasy Life from Brownie Brown is essentially an open world RPG.

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Fantasy Life, Level-5′s Life Simulation Game, Set For December

By Spencer . July 31, 2012 . 3:38pm

Fantasy Life from Mother 3 developer Brownie Brown and Level-5 is a role playing game set in a traditional fantasy world. The twist is instead of being a wise wizard or stern knight – you’re an ordinary person like a postman or street entertainer.

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Life Simulation RPG, Fantasy Life, On Track For 2012 Release

By Ishaan . July 18, 2012 . 9:00am

Level 5 and Brownie Brown’s life-simulation role-playing game is on track for release in Japan sometime this year.

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I Ended Up Fighting My Way Through Fantasy Life

By Spencer . October 17, 2011 . 5:00pm

As one of the king’s soldiers in Fantasy Life, fighting was part of my job. I was sent into the forest where I encountered monsters. Combat in Fantasy Life is real time and only uses one button.

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You Don’t Have To Get Into Any Battles In Fantasy Life

By Ishaan . October 15, 2011 . 8:36am

Level 5 have released a new trailer for Fantasy Life on the Nintendo 3DS.

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It’s The End Of The World, But In Fantasy Life You’re Just A Street Performer Or Chef

By Spencer . October 11, 2011 . 6:27pm

Fantasy Life, a role playing game from Level-5 and Mother 3 developer Brownie Brown, has an interesting premise. The theme of the Nintendo 3DS game is a living life in your own way RPG.

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Fantasy Life Promotional Video Looks Great, But Isn’t Very Informative

By Ishaan . October 20, 2010 . 9:23am

Level 5 and Brownie Brown’s life-sim sure looks great. Now, if only the trailer told us what it actually involved…

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Fantasy Life Screenshots Come To Life

By Ishaan . October 19, 2010 . 7:32am

Fantasy Life looks quite different now from how it originally did on the Nintendo DS.