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NeoGeo X Getting New Games Like Metal Slug 2 And Fatal Fury: Mark Of The Wolves

By Spencer . February 22, 2013 . 1:07am

NeoGeo X Classics: Volume 1 also has a system update on the card, but Tommo didn’t outline what the update addresses.

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Sony Is Giving Vita And PSP Games With PlayStation Plus In Japan

By Spencer . October 25, 2012 . 3:32pm

Crazy Taxi Double Punch, Fatal Fury, God of War, God of War 2, and Sumioni: Demon Arts will be for PlayStation Plus members in Japan.

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NeoGeo Games Coming To PS3 And PSP With Modern Emulator Features [Update]

By Spencer . December 6, 2010 . 10:49pm

SNK has a lineup of ten NeoGeo games including Samurai Shodown and ASO II: Last Guardian for PlayStation 3 and PSP coming on December 22.

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Maybe This List Of Possible PSN NeoGeo Classics Will Get Your Attention

By Spencer . March 2, 2010 . 2:58am

Downloadable versions of League Bowling and Super Sidekicks might not be that exciting. How about Metal Slug and Samurai Shodown instead?

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SNK Is So Bringing Garou: Mark of the Wolves Stateside

By Spencer . May 4, 2009 . 11:15am

SNK announced an Xbox Live Arcade port of Garou: Mark of the Wolves was in development for Japan. Don’t worry, you’re not going to miss out on this. The ESRB just rated the game for North America. See screenshots of the XBLA version here.

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Wow, Fatal Fury: Battle Archives is cheap

By Spencer . August 7, 2007 . 12:10pm

SNK Playmore sent over an e-mail to remind me and the rest of the world that Fatal Fury: Battle Archives Vol. 1 was sent to stores today. The disc has four games on it: Fatal Fury, Fatal Fury 2, Fatal Fury Special and Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory all for the same […]

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