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New Dissidia: Final Fantasy Images

By Rolando . June 25, 2008 . 11:16pm

It's been about half a year since we last heard anything new about Dissidia: Final Fantasy. While the gameplay has already been explained, the full character roster has yet to be revealed. Your guesses as to who will make up the remaining cast are as good as mine, but that's another topic for another day. […]

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Dissidia dawns next year

By Spencer . December 31, 2007 . 2:03pm

Plenty of impressions from the Jump Fiesta 2007 build of Dissidia: Final Fantasy are been popping up around the web. Most of them favorably mention Dissidia will not be Ehrgiez part Deux. That’s a relief! The other good news is Dissidia: Final Fantasy will not have the extended time line Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII […]

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Final Fantasy II characters appear in Dissidia

By Spencer . December 20, 2007 . 1:31am

Frioniel (aka Firion outside of Japan) and his nemesis the Emperor of Palamecia are going to be in the Final Fantasy battle royale, Dissidia: Final Fantasy. Square-Enix still has more heroes to announce and the way things are progressing there should be a hero/villain combination from each Final Fantasy game.   In dream fights between […]

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Best of the rest, other announcements from the Square-Enix trailer reel

By Spencer . September 20, 2007 . 6:44am

There’s no question that the big news from the Square-Enix closed theater was the new suite of Kingdom Hearts games. However, the other trailers gave a better impression of what’s coming in the near future. Take a look at them, bullet point style.   Squall is in Dissida Final Fantasy. The trailer revealed him matching […]

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Watch: Dissidia Final Fantasy trailer

By Spencer . June 19, 2007 . 10:54am

Square-Enix is still releasing clips from their party a month ago and at last the rest of the world can watch the Dissidia Final Fantasy premiere clip. After watching the video I’m not really sure what to think of it. Visually, it looks awesome and kudos to Square-Enix for thinking of something different with their […]

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Details Regarding Final Fantasy Dissidia’s Battle System

By Rolando . May 18, 2007 . 1:01am

Upon hearing about Final Fantasy Dissidia being a "dramatic progressive action" game, some people began assuming that Dissidia’s gameplay would follow in the same vein as Super Smash Bros. Now, however, new details have emerged regarding Dissidia’s battle system as IGN has translated this week’s issue of Famitsu regarding Dissidia and it’s battle system.   […]

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OMFG! FFIV DS, FFXII International, FF Dissidia scans! Oh my!

By Rolando . May 9, 2007 . 10:14am

No words need to be spoken for what you Final Fantasy fans are about to witness past the break. I’d break into a lengthy narrative about how awesome Final Fantasy IV DS looks as well as Final Fantasy Dissidia, and just how interesting Final Fantasy XII International: Zodiac Job System looks to be; but for […]

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Thoughts on Final Fantasy Dissidia

By Spencer . May 7, 2007 . 11:41pm

  Days before their party, Square-Enix unveiled their all new Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy DIssidia for the PSP. The teaser site only has two sentences to describe the game, “fantasy is endless” and “fantasy has no limited form”. It might be interesting to note that Dissidia is Latin for “disagree”. The quote “fantasy has […]

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Final Fantasy Dissidia PSP Confirmed

By Rolando . May 7, 2007 . 10:27pm

Remember that new Final Fantasy title Square-Enix patented in the United States and Japan and was rumored to be part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis (re: Final Fantasy XIII) family? Well you may be surprised, perhaps even shocked, to know that Dissidia isn’t part of the FNC project; even better, Dissidia is a PSP game! […]

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