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Final Fantasy XIV Surpasses 10 Million Cumulative Players Worldwide

By Sato . August 8, 2017 . 3:00am

Square Enix announced today that the MMORPG title, Final Fantasy XIV, has surpassed 10 million registered players worldwide. Patch 4.06 and the Moonfire Faire seasonal event are also now live.

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Final Fantasy XIV’s Annual Moonfire Faire Brings Fun In The Sun To Eorzea

By Casey . August 6, 2017 . 11:30am

The event is set to begin on Tuesday, August 8th and will give players the chance to obtain exclusive summer-themed items.

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Final Fantasy XIV’s First Season Of PvP In Stormblood Gives A Sneak Peek At Its Prizes

By Casey . August 4, 2017 . 8:00am

In a new post over on the MMO’s official Lodestone, we get a look at the rewards available for the upcoming first season of The Feast since the launch of Stormblood.

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Final Fantasy XIV Update Adds Job Adjustments, Savage Raid, Treasure Hunt, And More

By Casey . July 18, 2017 . 9:30am

Final Fantasy XIV just got its Patch 4.05 update today, and with it comes a variety of job adjustments in PvE as well as PvP. It also adds new items, a new Treasure Hunt, new Allagan Tomestones, and more.

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Final Fantasy XIV Making Adjustments For Tanks, Healers, Other Jobs Soon; Latest Q&A Info

By Casey . July 16, 2017 . 11:30am

Final Fantasy XIV’s latest Letter from the Producer had some talk about adjustments for tanks, healers, and other jobs that we’ll be seeing soon, and more about other plans for the near future in its Q&A session.

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Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 4.01 Adds Omega Raid, Job Adjustments, And New Items

By Sato . July 4, 2017 . 9:00am

Final Fantasy XIV got its first patch since the release of the Stormblood expansion with Patch 4.01. New additions include the Omega raid dungeons, some job adjustments, and new items.

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This Week In Sales: Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, The Alliance Alive, And More Debuts

By Sato . June 28, 2017 . 9:15am

Last week, Japan had a big week in sales with new entries including Final Fantasy XIV’s Stormblood expansion, The Alliance Alive, Farpoint, God Wars: Future Past, and a new milestone for the Switch.

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Final Fantasy XIV Developers On “Rewriting History” To Rebuild The MMORPG

By Sato . June 27, 2017 . 5:00am

In Part 2 of 3 of Final Fantasy XIV’s “Death & Rebirth” documentary series, Square Enix discusses how they decided to rebuild the MMORPG while people were still playing it.

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Check Out Final Fantasy XIV’s Brilliant Projection Mapping Show In Its Entirety

By Casey . June 25, 2017 . 9:30am

Square Enix celebrated Final Fantasy’s 30th anniversary with an amazing “projection mapping” display in Japan earlier this month, and we got a look at the full presentation in a new video.

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Final Fantasy XIV Documentary’s Part 1 Is About FFXI Inspirations And Reactions To Failure

By Sato . June 23, 2017 . 8:15am

Noclip is releasing a three-part documentary series about the “death and rebirth” of Final Fantasy XIV. Here’s its first episode that covers early inspirations and the team’s reaction to its initial failure.

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Final Fantasy XIV’s Crossover With Final Fantasy XV Will Be "Rather Hefty In Volume"

By Casey . June 23, 2017 . 8:00am

In a recent interview, producer Yoshida noted that there is still a lot of work he wishes to accomplish in FFXIV, and also made mention of the status of an eventual XV crossover event.

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New Three-Part Documentary Series To Tell The “Death & Rebirth” Of Final Fantasy XIV

By Sato . June 22, 2017 . 6:00am

When Final Fantasy XIV Online first launched in 2010, many felt that it was bad enough to kill the Final Fantasy brand for good but things changed with a “rebirth” in A Realm Reborn in 2013.

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How The Final Fantasy XIV Team Picks New Jobs And Creates Minions

By Al . June 20, 2017 . 1:00pm

Siliconera met with Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida to talk about how the team created the Red Mage class, how new jobs are chosen for expansions like Stormblood, and the Odder Otter.

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Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood’s Japanese Launch Trailer Celebrates The Joy Of Memories

By Casey . June 20, 2017 . 8:00am

Fantasy XIV’s second expansion, Stormblood, officially releases today for PC and PlayStation 4, and Square Enix has shared a touching new trailer for the game.

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Final Fantasy XIV Patch Notes Detail All The New Changes That The Stormblood Expansion Brings

By Casey . June 18, 2017 . 5:30pm

Square Enix has shared the full patch notes for Final Fantasy XIV’s Stormblood expansion, detailing everything new that has been added to the game, including new areas, new jobs, main story quests, and boss fights.

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