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Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades’ March Update Lets You Pit Chocobos Against Dragons

By Alistair . February 19, 2018 . 8:00am

Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades is receiving a 1.2.0 update in March 2018, and recently Square Enix released a new trailer showing off many expanded aspects, such as new customization options.

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PC Final Fantasy Deals: Zodiac Age and FFXV Up to 38% Off

By Viet . February 1, 2018 . 1:06pm

Limited time coupon takes 38% off Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age or 23% off Final Fantasy XV for the PC Steam copy.

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Final Fantasy XV Adds Aranea Highwind As A New Training Buddy And More In A January 21 Update

By Sato . January 16, 2018 . 7:50am

Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XV will get its next update on January 21, and it’ll add Aranea Highwind as a new training partner. The Assassin’s Creed crossover event will also come to an end.

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Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition Launches On March 6, Here Are The Specs And A New Trailer

By Sato . January 15, 2018 . 10:20pm

In addition to Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition that was announced for consoles, Square Enix shared a release date for the game’s PC version Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition. Here are its specs.

Post 679630

Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition Announced With A New Dungeon And A Bunch Of Extras On March 6

By Sato . January 15, 2018 . 10:10pm

Following the ESRB rating for a Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition, Square Enix made it official by announcing the new pack for PS4 and Xbox One this March, and it comes with a brand-new dungeon.

Post 677838

A Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition ESRB Rating Appears For PS4 And Xbox One

By Sato . January 8, 2018 . 5:30am

We’ve seen all kinds of different editions for Final Fantasy XV and it looks like we’re getting one more according to the latest rating on the Entertainment Software Rating Board, or ESRB.

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Director Hajime Tabata On Final Fantasy XV: Look Forward To A New Gameplay Experience

By Alistair . December 25, 2017 . 2:00pm

In a recent feature interview article conducted with Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata, he teased a bit about what to expect in the future for the game.

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You Can Now Play As Prompto, Gladio, And Ignis With Final Fantasy XV’s Version 1.20 Update

By Sato . December 12, 2017 . 12:30am

Final Fantasy XV just got its Version 1.19 and 1.20 updates, which brought in the character swap feature that lets you play as Noctis’ bros Prompto, Gladio, and Ignis in the main game.

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Final Fantasy XV Is Getting A New Mobile Game In China In 2019

By Sato . December 7, 2017 . 4:45am

Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda and Hajime Tabata announced at Family Game Forum today that Final Fantasy XV is getting a new mobile game in Mainland China in 2019.

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Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis Has A Post-Clear Alternate Route And Battle Against Noctis

By Sato . November 29, 2017 . 7:30am

Square Enix held the latest Active Time Report live stream for Final Fantasy XV, where new information on the upcoming DLC Episode: Ignis was shared, including a look at its opening.

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Final Fantasy XV Is Getting At Least Three DLC Episodes In 2018, Starting With “Episode: Ardyn”

By Sato . November 29, 2017 . 7:15am

Square Enix shared some of their plans for new Final Fantasy XV content in 2018 during the last Active Time Report stream, where it was revealed that there will be at least three more episode-style DLC.

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Final Fantasy XV To Add A Character Swap Function In The December Update

By Sato . November 29, 2017 . 7:00am

Square Enix revealed during the final Active Time Report live stream for Final Fantasy XV that a big function is coming in the December update that will let you swap between characters in the party.

Post 670172

Final Fantasy XV Is Getting An Anniversary Special Active Time Report On November 29

By Sato . November 24, 2017 . 5:00am

November 29 marks the one-year anniversary of Final Fantasy XV, and Square Enix is hosting a special Active Time Report where we’ll get to see more of Episode Ignis, a surprising December update and more.

Post 669425

Final Fantasy XV Director Tabata Says Work On His Next Project Will Start Gearing Up In 2018

By Sato . November 20, 2017 . 2:20am

Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata has been busy working on “expanding the universe” for the RPG with Episode Ignis and the PC port, but he also has a new project that we’ll hear about next year.

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Nobuo Uematsu And Vocalist Emiko Suzuki Talk About Final Fantasy XV: Comrades’ Theme Song

By Sato . November 13, 2017 . 2:30am

Nobuo Uematsu is composing Final Fantasy XV multiplayer expansion Comrades’ main theme “Choosing Hope” with vocalist Emiko Suzuki, and they talked about their work in a new trailer.

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