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Final Fantasy XV’s Leaked Demo Video Shows Young Noctis Exploring In A Dream

By Sato . March 30, 2016 . 7:00am

A new video has recently surfaced showing off a Final Fantasy XV demo, where you’ll get to “Enter the Dream of Young Noctis.” Here’s a look at the leaked video.

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Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV Event Venue Displays Yoshitaka Amano Artwork

By Sato . March 29, 2016 . 1:00am

Square Enix is hosting their Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event this Wednesday to announce the release date and more on the upcoming RPG, and we got a peek at the venue with some new artwork.

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Final Fantasy XV Director On Main Story Length, Frame Rate, Airship, Cactuar, And More

By Sato . March 24, 2016 . 7:15am

Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata had a few words to share on the current development of the game during a NicoNico Livestream by Famitsu. Here are some key highlights from the event.

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Final Fantasy XV Has Spanish And Portuguese Language Options

By Jenni . March 23, 2016 . 10:00am

Hajime Tabata, Final Fantasy XV’s director, has appeared in two videos announcing Latin American and Brazilian Portuguese localizations for the game.

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Square Enix Offered Its Second, Possibly Final Progress Report For Final Fantasy XV

By Jenni . January 30, 2016 . 9:10pm

Square Enix offered before and after shots of Final Fantasy XV in what might be the final progress report for the game. People could see it at early stages, then at 80% complete.

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Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV Will Be Held March 30

By Jenni . January 30, 2016 . 8:57pm

Final Fantasy XV’s release date, price, and accompanying items will be revealed at an event in Los Angeles at the end of March.

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Noctis And His Group Will Demolish Bases In Final Fantasy XV

By Jenni . January 30, 2016 . 8:51pm

Noctis and his friends will tear up Niflheim Empire bases, occasionally even claiming one as their own.

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Who’s In Charge In Final Fantasy XV’s Niflheim Empire

By Jenni . January 30, 2016 . 8:31pm

Square Enix talked about some of the most important people in Final Fantasy XV’s Niflheim Empire, including a female dragoon whose last name is Highwind.

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Final Fantasy XV’s Magic Includes Spreading Fire, Blizzard, And Thunder

By Jenni . January 30, 2016 . 8:19pm

Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder are the primary sorts of magic in Final Fantasy XV.

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Watch The January 2016 Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report Here

By Jenni . January 30, 2016 . 7:50pm

Square Enix’s latest Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report is about to begin. Watch it here!

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Final Fantasy XV Makes Its Presence Felt At Taipei Game Show 2016 With A Sweet Poster

By Sato . January 29, 2016 . 12:30am

Siliconera is currently attending Taipei Game Show 2016, and we got to check out some of the latest for Final Fantasy XV, including a new poster and some visuals for the event.

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Final Fantasy XV’s Next Active Time Report To Feature Magic & Stealth On January 30

By Sato . January 25, 2016 . 6:30pm

Square Enix announced today that the next installment of the Active Time Report live stream for Final Fantasy XV will be held on January 30, at 8:00pm PT/11:00pm ET, and 4:00am GMT, January 31 for Europe.

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Final Fantasy XV Shows The Latest On Its Magic Spells And Magitek Armor

By Sato . January 21, 2016 . 5:05am

We got the latest look at Final Fantasy XV with some images showing some magic in the game, including one that shows Noctis casting “Fire” against a Magitek Armor enemy.

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Get A Look At The Tools Used To Create Final Fantasy XV

By Casey . January 15, 2016 . 7:30am

Square Enix has shared a small glimpse into the technology and tools used to create the world of Final Fantasy XV and everything in it.

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Final Fantasy XV Will Have Two Different Battle Modes

By Casey . January 12, 2016 . 8:30am

Final Fantasy XV developers took the time to answer a few questions on the official forums regarding the city of Altissia, the game’s two battle modes, and more.