Post 2525

Could we see Game Boy Advance games on the Virtual Console?

By Spencer . December 20, 2006 . 7:42am

The Virtual Console has been a source of excitement for gamers since they can replay old favorites and try out rare games without paying ridiculous eBay prices. While there’s money to be made by selling classics, the Wii’s Virtual Console can do more. The Game Boy Advance is nearing the end of its life cycle […]

Post 2433

Mario Party 14 for the Game Boy Advance? Not really…

By Spencer . December 6, 2006 . 1:22pm

  I love looking at pirate multi carts because you never know what kind of crazy game you’re going to find in a package. Seeing NES ROMs dumped on multi carts is standard practice, but I haven’t seen “Mario Party 14” before. This Mario themed multi cart claims to have Mario Party 4, Dr. Mario […]

Post 2430

Yggdra Union

By Louise . December 6, 2006 . 9:41am

SRPG enthusiasts, take that worn and battered Final Fantasy Tactics Advance cartridge out of your GBA, and rejoice.  Yggdra Union is a game we’ve all been waiting for. This game combines strategy with card battles, but don’t let the card battle part scare you away — the game implements it in such a way that […]

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What’s new in Final Fantasy VI Advance

By Kurt . December 1, 2006 . 2:35pm

It’s been quite awhile since Square-Enix announced that they’d be porting the SNES Final Fantasy titles to the GBA. Even though the platform is essentially dead, they’ve finally wrapped up Final Fantasy 6, the last of the SNES trilogy and widely regarded as one of the best RPGs ever made.   Unlike the GBA ports […]

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General Leo and Gestahl playable characters in Final Fantasy VI Advance?

By Spencer . November 27, 2006 . 5:40am

  Kurt, one of our staff writers, found some possibly juicy details about Final Fantasy VI Advance. We say possibly because this information was discovered with the help of cheating devices. Apparently General Leo can be resurrected at the cost of the Phoenix magicite, once resurrected Leo can join your party. Back when Final Fantasy […]

Post 2337

Collecting new Espers in Final Fantasy VI Advance

By Spencer . November 22, 2006 . 11:20am

So far four new espers have been revealed in Final Fantasy VI Advance. Gilgamesh and Leviathan appear from Final Fantasy V. Diablos from Final Fantasy VIII and a Cactuar can also be obtained. If you want to get new espers you have to do side events. Leviathan’s quest means heading to sea with Locke who […]

Post 2317

Nintendo release schedule updated Wii Play is in it

By Spencer . November 20, 2006 . 12:35pm

Now that the Wii launch is over with Nintendo updated their release schedule with Wii Play, a disc with causal games that is a launch title in Japan and Europe. Previously the game was unannounced in North America, but now it is confirmed for a release on 01.15.07, the same day as Wario Ware Smooth […]

Post 2307

Nintendo releasing a portable MP3 player DS and GBA upgrade in December

By Spencer . November 17, 2006 . 3:22pm

Last year Nintendo released the Play-Yan, a movie and MP3 player in Japan. This year Europe gets an optional MP3 player upgrade for the DS Lite. While it’s great that Nintendo is finally releasing the useful tool outside of Japan, Nintendo claims that this is only an MP3 player. In fact there is no mention […]

Post 2297

Final Fantasy VI Advance commercials now online

By Spencer . November 17, 2006 . 5:50am

I know a lot of you are probably Final Fantasied out with the tandem releases of XII, V Advance and Final Fantasy III this week, but Japan is gearing up for Final Fantasy VI Advance at the end of November. Earlier we posted about the two new espers who appear and now the Japanese teaser […]

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Two new espers in Final Fantasy VI Advance

By Spencer . November 14, 2006 . 4:25am

Leviathan and Gilgamesh are new additional espers in Final Fantasy VI Advance. Notice that both of these new espers use their sprite from Final Fantasy V. In Final Fantasy VI summoned monsters are contained in magicite, which has another purpose besides doing flashy special attacks. When Terra (Tina), Setzer or any of the characters hold […]

Post 2252

Black Friday Video Game Deals 2006: Slim Pickings

By Spencer . November 13, 2006 . 10:07am

  Black Friday ads for many major retailers have been circulating the interweb and there are few (very few) decent deals. The biggest item this year looks like the Game Boy Micro, which is going to be on sale for $39.98 at Wal Mart. While most people already have a DS, the Micro’s super small […]

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National Geographic discovers development on Nintendo systems

By Spencer . November 7, 2006 . 6:59pm

Scientific journal, National Geographic Ventures, is teaming up with Destination Software to make games based on National Geographic’s films. One game is based on the March of the Penguins movie and it is coming out later this month for the DS and Game Boy Advance. Not exactly exciting news, but the “Sea Monsters” Wii game […]

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Finest Final Fantasy goodies go to Game Boy Advance fans

By Spencer . November 2, 2006 . 9:36am

Square-Enix has an added bonus for people that picked up both Final Fantasy V Advance and Final Fantasy VI Advance, the Final Fantasy Finest box set. Inside are CDs with the music from Final Fantasy IV, V and VI plus a mini art book insert. Best of all the Final Fantasy Finest box is “free” […]

Post 2133

Final Fantasy VI Advance screenshots

By Spencer . October 26, 2006 . 9:36am

Now that Final Fantasy V is out in the wild, Square-Enix is getting ready to release Final Fantasy VI next month. These new screenshots show off character portraits and the combat with Espers, but none of the new features. Final Fantasy IV Advance added in a new dungeon and the ability to switch characters at […]

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Develop Gamecube games in your basement

By Spencer . October 17, 2006 . 7:27am

One homebrew developer is selling almost everything you need (the Gamecube NR-reader is missing) to make your own Gamecube games in the comfort of your own home. For the asking price of $1200 you can buy a brand new Nintendo Gamecube development system. Sure the Gamecube is falling out of favor, but one of the […]

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