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Play Jump Superstars in English

By Spencer . April 19, 2006 . 10:13am

TranslationRL announced that they are taking Nintendo’s anime crossover fighting game, Jump Superstars, and translating it into English. The hack is still in infantile stages, only 1% of the story has been translated, but this might be worth the wait if you don’t want to navigate through Japanese menus. The same group is also releasing […]

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Unlock Cursed Seal Sasuke in Jump Superstars.

By Spencer . October 7, 2005 . 11:29am

If you fight through 500 battles in Jump Superstars you’ll collect the last blank koma. This is for unlocking Cursed Seal Sasuke, a 7 koma battle character. If you haven’t figured out how to arrange the koma to actually play as Sasuke check this quick demo on how to position the koma.   Step 1 […]

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The ultimate anime fighting game is Jump Superstars.

By Spencer . August 20, 2005 . 9:10pm

Jump Superstars had anime otaku on the edge of their seats since Nintendo announced the title. There’s good reason for it, since the game features characters from a myriad number of Shounen Jump manga series. Chances are your favorite characters are probably in this Smash Brothers styled fighting game. Read our playtest of Jump Superstars […]

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