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HyperDevbox Tells Us All About Bringing PSP Games To Android

By Spencer . January 27, 2012 . 6:02pm

While Sony is gearing up for PSP to Android ports, HyperDevbox already made two of them, Generation of Chaos and Spectral Souls. Carlo Perconti explains the processes and is interested in bringing PS3 and Xbox 360 games to Android devices.

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Generation Of Chaos Goes From PSP To Android

By Spencer . November 30, 2011 . 11:56pm

HyperDevbox specializes in PSP to Android conversions. They ported Spectral Souls earlier this year and just finished work on Generation of Chaos.

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Chaos Wars nearly confirmed for North America?

By Spencer . September 25, 2007 . 8:38am

It’s still hard to believe that O3 Entertainment is actually localizing Chaos Wars, but the proof is almost in the pudding. Beyond the initial rumor Gamestop has a listing for Chaos Wars saying it is coming out, possibly in November for $39.99. I really wonder how O3 is going to localize and promote this game. […]

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Chaos Wars coming to the US?

By Spencer . September 17, 2007 . 5:36am

This rumor is way too strange not to report. Supposedly Chaos Wars, an Idea Factory mash up of Growlanser, Neverland (Generation of Chaos / Spectral Souls), Gungrave and Shadow Hearts (Yuri is in it), is coming to North America. Supposedly, O3 Entertainment who tried to bring Radio Allergy to the states has the rights to […]

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Idea Factory desires to develop for the 360

By Spencer . September 12, 2007 . 8:19am

At Microsoft’s press briefing there was a little blurb about Idea Factory too. Their Xbox 360 support began with Spectral Force 3: Innocent Rage in 2006 and continued with PS2 ports. On November 29, Idea Factory has another 360 game coming out, Apocalypse: Desire Next, which superficially appears to be a cousin of the Generation […]

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Neverland and the duo of strategy RPGs

By Spencer . July 5, 2007 . 4:54pm

Idea Factory isn’t giving up on the Playstation 2 and they have two more strategy RPGs based on their hallmark franchises in development. Spectral Gene is the latest entry in the Spectral universe and the story is about the rebirth of demon. Standard stuff for tactical RPGs, but the combat system could be interesting. Also […]

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Contest – Win Aedis Eclipse: Generation of Chaos

By Spencer . April 26, 2007 . 12:53pm

  I have an extra copy of Aedis Eclipse: Generation of Chaos that I’m going to give away to a lucky reader in North America. See the picture above? Something isn’t quite right with it. Send an e-mail over to [email protected] with the subject “Aedis Eclipse contest” and tell us what is distorted in the […]

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Delving deeper in the realm of Aedis Eclipse

By Spencer . April 25, 2007 . 7:49pm

Aedis Eclipse: Generation of Chaos is one of those games that defies the genre it’s pigeonholed in. On the surface it looks like any old strategy RPG where you move troops on a grid based field maybe like Disgaea or Spectral Souls (also made by Idea Factory). The system is entirely different from other SRPGs […]

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E3 invite in the house!

By Spencer . April 21, 2007 . 1:46pm

I got an e-mail earlier this week saying E3 invites were being mailed out and when I grabbed the mail today I saw it sitting the ESA logo embossed on a pamphlet sitting on top of a package from NIS America. So yeah, I’m going, but I want you the readers to tell us what […]

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Just what is Aedis Eclipse: Generation of Chaos?

By Spencer . March 27, 2007 . 2:13am

Next month NIS America is releasing Aedis Eclipse: Generation of Chaos another Idea Factory SRPG for the PSP. If you played Generation of Chaos forget all about it and the overly convoluted game map. Aedis Eclipse is a lot easier to understand and the load times have been optimized unlike Spectral Souls. Aedis Eclipse is […]

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Watch: Aedis Eclipse Generation of Chaos character introductions

By Spencer . March 14, 2007 . 5:13am

NIS America has been pretty quiet about their upcoming PSP SRPG, Aedis Eclispe: Generation of Chaos. It’s developed by Idea Factory who made Generation of Chaos and Spectral Souls, both of which NIS America released last year. While Aedis Eclipse shares the Generation of Chaos brand, it’s not nearly as convoluted as the first game. […]

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NIS America continues Generation of Chaos

By Spencer . February 4, 2007 . 11:15am

NIS America is continuing the Generation of Chaos series even though the first game had mixed reviews. In April we’re going to see Aedis Eclipse: Generation of Chaos, which looks like it is Shin Tenmakai Generation of Chaos V (Generation of Chaos was actually Shin Tenmakai Generation of Chaos 4: Another side). It’s another SRPG […]

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