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Gin Tama Video Game Remembers The Good Old Sega Genesis

By Spencer . December 24, 2012 . 1:02am

Just when I thought Gin Tama no Sugoroku couldn’t get any wackier, Namco Bandai takes a jab at the Sega Genesis.

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Let’s Take A Look At Gin Tama’s PSP Character Models

By Spencer . October 17, 2012 . 2:10am

In the board game part, Gin Tama’s Sugoroku has SD character art. During event scenes, Gin Tama’s Sugoroku uses Live2D technology to make 2D characters more lively.

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Design Gin Tama Fanfics With The Gin Tama PSP Game

By Spencer . October 13, 2012 . 12:30pm

Namco Bandai’s Gin Tama game is actually a board game, something we’re not surprised about since the title is Gin Tama’s Sugoroku.

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First Look At Namco Bandai’s Gin Tama PSP Game

By Spencer . August 27, 2012 . 2:04am

Namco Bandai released a teaser video of the upcoming Gin Tama game for PSP.

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Gin Tama Game Headed To PSP, Courtesy Of Namco Bandai

By Ishaan . August 25, 2012 . 1:30pm

Another licensed anime game published by Namco Bandai is making its way to the PSP.

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