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Reflections On Glory Of Heracles Roundtable Interview

By Spencer . March 24, 2010 . 3:08pm

Localization staff and team members from Nintendo got together to talk about Glory of Heracles, a Nintendo DS “reboot” of the long standing Heracles series.

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Meet The Heroes In Glory of Heracles

By Spencer . January 7, 2010 . 7:51pm

Take a look at Heracles and some of the other allies the main character meets in Glory of Heracles. One of their descriptions may surprise you…

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Glory of Heracles Kicks Off Nintendo’s 2010 Releases

By Spencer . December 2, 2009 . 8:49am

Nintendo set January 18 as the release date for Glory of Hercules making Paon’s RPG their first game in 2010. It’s also the first game in the Hercules series to get an international release.

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Glory of Heracles Questions Treasure Hunting In Homes

By Spencer . June 5, 2009 . 1:20pm

Ransacking homes for healing herbs in RPGs isn’t taboo. After all, you’re a hero on a quest to save the world, and if a family’s meager savings can help you buy a bigger broadsword that’s OK.

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Is Glory of Heracles Nintendo’s Next DS RPG?

By Spencer . April 8, 2009 . 6:42am

Nearly a year ago Nintendo of Japan published Glory of Heracles: Proof of Soul, a RPG rooted in Greek mythology. At the beginning of the game the protagonist wakes up on an island without his memory. He and the friends he meets are all immortals locked into a battle in Olympus. During fights players use […]

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Eternal Chronicle and the Glory of Hercules

By Spencer . April 9, 2008 . 3:18am

When Data East was alive, eating buffet lunches on Robocop’s dime, they published a series of RPGs infused with Greek mythology. The series was called Hercules no Eikou (Glory of Hercules) and the five entries were only released in Japan. A few of them got fan translated, but Hercules found little glory even in gray […]

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