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Namco Bandai To Release First Three Chapters Of God Eater 2 As Free Demo

By Eugene . September 23, 2013 . 10:00am

Namco Bandai is gearing up for the upcoming November 14th release in Japan for God Eater 2 with a free demo.

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The Perfect Match For Your God Eater 2 Fenrir Edition Vita

By Spencer . September 13, 2013 . 4:33pm

God Eater 2 will be released on November 14 along with a limited edition PlayStation Vita model. If that’s not enough God Eater stuff you can pick up Hori’s God Eater 2 accessory set.

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Check Out The Final Fantasy X|X2, God Eater 2, And Gundam Breaker Vitas

By Spencer . September 9, 2013 . 3:19am

Sony will release three limited edition PlayStation Vitas this year starting with the Gundam Breaker model, which comes out on October 31.

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Gundam Breaker And God Eater 2 Vita Hardware Bundles Announced

By Spencer . September 8, 2013 . 11:15pm

Sony also announced a God Eater 2 branded PlayStation Vita with the Fenrir logo on the back. Both hardware bundles have the updated Vita model.

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Namco Bandai’s TGS Line Up Has Tales And Plenty Of Shonen Jump Games

By Spencer . August 22, 2013 . 11:40pm

Namco Bandai will bring a bunch of playable anime games to Tokyo Game Show. Dragon Ball: Battle of Z, Gundam Breaker for Vita, and J-Stars Victory Versus.

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Sure, Why Not Add An Idoml@ster Costume To God Eater 2

By Spencer . August 14, 2013 . 10:18pm

God Eater 2 has a little crossover with another Namco Bandai series, The Idolm@ster. If you purchase the hunting game from HMV in Japan you’ll get a code that unlocks an Idolm@ster costume for Alisa as a bonus.

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Check Out God Eater 2′s Character Maker

By Spencer . August 10, 2013 . 4:41pm

Before you set off to fight Aragami, you have to create a God Eater 2 character. You can create by choosing options like your hair style, skin color, accessory, and a character voice.

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Meet The Members Of Blood In God Eater 2

By Sunjun . August 1, 2013 . 2:10pm

Namco Bandai has revealed a new trailer for their upcoming monster hunting game, God Eater 2, introducing the game’s story and showcasing some of the cinematic cutscenes.

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Now You Can Get The God Eater 2 Demo For PSP

By Spencer . July 31, 2013 . 12:48am

PlayStation Vita owners have been able to try God Eater 2 out for a week already. Namco Bandai will also release the game for PSP and if you want to see what the game is like on PSP you can download a demo now.

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God Eater 2 Developers On How Fan Feedback Improved The Game

By Sato . July 29, 2013 . 1:30pm

It’s been about a year since Namco Bandai dropped the original concept they had for God Eater 2, only to start over from scratch with a completely new idea.

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God Eater 2 Demo Video Shows New Weapons, Skills, And Aragami

By Sato . July 25, 2013 . 12:50pm

The God Eater 2 demo video starts out showing a party of four God Eaters. The mix consists of a Charge Spear, Boost Hammer, and two Buster Blade users.

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Grab The God Eater 2 Demo And Master Blood Arts Right Now

By Spencer . July 24, 2013 . 11:18pm

Namco Bandai uploaded a demo of God Eater 2 on the PlayStation Store. If you have a Vita and a Japan region PSN account you can fight Garm, a wolf-like Aragami in the God Eater 2 demo.

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A Taste Of What You’ll Get In The God Eater 2 Demo

By Sato . July 19, 2013 . 10:30am

Namco Bandai gives us a closer look at what we’ll be seeing in the God Eater 2 demo, along with a look at some new skills and characters.

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God Eater 2 Bursts Out With Three Limited Edition Versions For November

By Sato . July 16, 2013 . 7:20pm

Namco Bandai have announced via Famitsu that God Eater 2 will be available in Japan for PSP and PlayStation Vita on November 14.

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God Eater 2 To Include Gintama Costumes

By Ishaan . July 9, 2013 . 12:30pm

God Eater 2 and anime series Gintama are entering into a collaboration, the latest issue of Jump reports.

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God Eater 2 Demo Coming To PSP And Vita This Summer

By Sato . June 8, 2013 . 2:59am

During the Joint Development Summit that was streamed on NicoNico Live, it was revealed the a demo for God Eater 2 will be coming out for PlayStation Vita and PSP this Summer.

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